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Some helpful resources for wellbeing at work

Our latest pick of external resources for wellbeing at work all share the aim of contributing to the support of mental health & wellbeing.

Compassion at work toolkit

The National Forum on Health and Wellbeing at Work developed this guide and toolkit back in 2017 to set out the business case for compassion at work. Practical actions are highlighted that can help embed a compassionate approach to improve staff wellbeing and productivity. One of the introductory statements feels as, if not more, relevant today as it was when the toolkit was prepared, “A focus on the need for cultivating compassion is growing on a global level. This document looks at what we can do to assist with this in the workplace.”

HSE annual statistics on work-related ill health and workplace injuries

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have published their annual statistics for 2022/23. They show that the rate of self-reported work-related ill health is higher than in 2018/19, having been generally flat in the years prior to the pandemic. Around half of the 1.8 million workers who reported they were suffering from work-related ill health during the period were due to stress, depression or anxiety. In line with the total figures, the current rate of self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety is higher than the pre-pandemic level.

The Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 2023

Previously run in 2019, the survey is Business Disability Forum’s study of the experience of disabled employees, managers and senior leaders requesting, making and reviewing adjustments for disabled employees. Although results show that the speed of getting adjustments has improved by 4% since 2019, one in eight disabled employees are waiting longer than a year to get the adjustments they need. You can download the full or summary report on the page linked to in the title above. It also provides the key findings, a summary of the survey results, plus 3 recommendations for employers.

The Value of Occupational Health and Human Resources in supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

A new report aimed at employers, HR and Occupational Health professionals. Recognising that a more systematic and evidence-based approach to workplace health is needed rather than solely awareness raising, the report seeks to identify which interventions really work to help employees and colleagues manage their mental health. It provides information on designing organisational programmes and developing primary, secondary and tertiary interventions, highlighting how the mental health and wellbeing of employees can be better supported by the HR and Occupational Health roles working together.


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