Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Posted by Amanda Furness


Sometimes the weight of our everyday clutter causes our stress levels to rise.  And these days that clutter extends beyond what’s physically lying around to our digital disorder as well.  Try using the following two techniques for a few weeks and see if life gets any easier:

The good old one minute rule
If something takes less than a minute to do there and then … do it there and then
e.g. filing that bill you’ve just paid or taking those trousers which never fitted out of your wardrobe and putting them into the recycling bag.

Maintenance Mondays, Tidiness Tuesdays, Window Wednesdays …
Call them what you will but set aside a short time each week to clear your clutter and that doesn’t stop at just being able to see your table or desk surface again, try clearing out your inbox, deleting unnecessary texts – all those nasty little tasks which you can pretend don’t affect you … until they do.

Apart from anything else, knowing that you’re taking action will put you in a positive frame of mind and if you keep at it … !