Stress: Business Cost and Solutions Infographic

Stress: Business Cost and Solutions Infographic

Posted by Jan Lawrence

We have created an infographic to illustrate the cost of stress to business together with 4 suggested solutions organisations can implement.  Please feel free to use it if you are looking for statistics to build the business case for managing stress at work or share it with other parties who you think it may be of interest to.

stress costs to business

Text from infographic:

Stress doesn’t just have a personal cost…..

It is now the UK’s most common single cause of long-term absence

  • Stress, anxiety, depression 23%
  • Muscoskeletal 16%

Cost of Stress to UK business

11.3 million working days lost in UK to stress, anxiety or depression in 2013/4

20% Almost 1 in 5 of the UK working population are affected by stress

£3.7 billion The estimated cost of all that stress to UK employers

Causes of work related stress

The top 3 reasons cited by GPs between 2011-2013 were:

  1. Pressure of workload
  2. Interpersonal relationships
  3. Changes at work

Savings to Business

Business receives a 200% return on every £1 invested in staff and well-being on improved efficiency and productivity

4 Business solutions to work related stress

  • Encourage a good work-life balance
  • Encourage breaks and discourage eating at desks
  • Communicate and keep staff informed of changes which effect them
  • Train the workforce to create awareness and offer possible techniques and solutions

Sources: 11.3 million, 200% return to business, Most common cause of absebce, 1 in 5 workers affected by stress (19%), £3.7 billion cost to business

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