Stress Management Workshops

Stress Management Workshops

Posted by Amanda Furness

We thought it would be helpful to provide an overview of the various stress management workshops In Equilibrium offer.  Some of the courses have been developed for management while others are suitable for the whole workforce.

Please remember that all our in-house courses can be individually tailored to your requirements, one of our most popular courses for managers, supervisors and/or team leaders is a one-day course which is an amalgamation of our Stress Management Techniques and Stress Management Training for Managers courses.

You can contact us by phone 0131 476 5027, email or by completing our online contact form to discuss your individual requirements further.

Stress Management Training for Managers

Stress Management Training - Dictionary definition of stress
A very practical one-day course which uses specially developed diagnostic and proactive tools.  It enables managers, supervisors and/or team leaders to identify signs of stress in their reports, discuss their individual stress triggers with them and agree strategies for review in the future.
“Scientific explanations were excellent and reaches people in a different way to what can be perceived as ‘fluffy’.”

Management of Wellbeing Training

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This course aims to provide managers with an increased awareness and understanding of the early warning signs of stress and poor mental wellbeing.  The practical framework can be used by managers to enhance the wellbeing and satisfaction at work of those they are responsible for.
“Feel I now have a mechanism for assessing wellbeing”

Stress Management Techniques

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A practical and engaging half-day course suitable for any staff member.  Participants learn the meaning of stress and how to differentiate it from pressure.  They leave with a toolkit of stress management techniques and exercises for use both at work and during their personal time.
“Karen has great communication skills, very friendly and put us at ease.  Good delivery of course.  The course makes you analyse yourself.”

Practical Approaches to Handling Pressure

Pressure Gauge - Handling Pressure
A one-day course which is suitable for any member of an organisation.  It equips participants to assess their wellbeing and work-life balance, understand the importance of individual factors and discover how to apply relevant coping strategies.
“Really enjoyed Dawn’s training, very insightful, left with a sense of empowerment and hopefulness”

Personal Wellbeing

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The positive relationship between personal wellbeing and performance is now fully recognised. A key aspect of this one-day workshop is the understanding of how positive and negative emotions affect us and how this knowledge can be used to reduce the risk of stress for both the course participants and those that they work with.
“I found the trainer knew what he was talking about having been in a stressful situation in his own workplace, he came across to me as being totally involved in the reason for us all being part of this course.”

Assertive Communication at Work

Assertiveness at work - Communication cans connected by stringAn engaging one-day course which enables participants to communicate clearly and confidently, reducing conflict and creating a culture of open communication.  It is suitable for all and helps with activities such as giving and receiving feedback, performance management, and for building relationships internally as well as with customers and clients.
“The overall content of the course was very useful, particularly the listening/hearing concepts.  The small scenarios were useful.”

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence TrainingOur one-day workshop on this fascinating subject is suitable for any individual in an organisation.  It will help participants to influence, lead and coach themselves and their peers, reports and customers to better, more sustainable outcomes by demonstrating more emotional intelligence in their day to day and working life.
“Well presented and very relevant to the work environment.”