Tackling Bullying Training – what forms can workplace bullying take?

Tackling Bullying Training – what forms can workplace bullying take?

Posted by Amanda Furness


Bullying and harassment have always been considered a sensitive area and one that many don’t feel able to raise or discuss, even though we all know the effects can be hugely damaging for both individuals and teams, as well as the reputation and productivity of the wider organisation.

Applying the same principle as you would to any other potential issue in the workplace can be a valuable step … create awareness through training and encourage any unacceptable behaviour to be challenged.

We often receive feedback from participants on our bullying in the workplace courses, expressing surprise at the different forms bullying can take which they hadn’t considered would be classified as bullying or harassment. As harassment is unlawful under the 2010 Equality Act, this type of awareness is not only valuable but essential to create an organisational culture free from bullying and harassment.

We list below a few useful resources which outline the forms workplace bullying can take:

Bullying at work behaviours

Our short video asks the question, “bullying at work takes many forms, would you be able to recognise it?”

Subtle signs of bullying

Our blog article provides examples of some of the more subtle signs of workplace bullying to look out for.

Types of bullying

ACAS have valuable advice on “If you’re treated unfairly at work” which includes helping to understand what type of treatment you are experiencing, provides examples of bullying at work including upward bullying, as well as an explanation of when bullying may be classed as harassment.

We also have a Bullying Awareness Resources page on our website which provides links to both our own and external articles relating to different aspects of workplace bullying.


The tackling bullying training we offer can be found on our Bullying at Work training courses page

“… any training of this standard helps to reinforce current practice and gives opportunity to re-evaluate current practice.” Read the full testimonial following the bullying and harassment training we delivered for the Charity of Civil Servants