The Bubble Technique – Stress Tip

Posted by Jan Lawrence

This is a useful technique you can teach yourself which has helped many people in situations where they have felt under pressure or have faced aggression.

Visualise yourself inside a bubble.  The colour and texture of the bubble is up to you but they must make you feel comfortable and safe.  Now fill your bubble with all your favourite things, including music, memories, smells and feelings.  Develop the habit of being in your bubble whenever you can.  Think of practicing this stress tip as a ‘treat’ you are allowing yourself, brief periods of relief during your busy day.

The surface of the bubble can protect you from negativity and aggression from outside sources.  Visualise aggressive words and attitudes bouncing off or being deflected round you by the bubble surface.  Simultaneously the contents of the bubble make you feel relaxed, calm and confident which allows you to think clearly and respond in an assertive manner.

Eventually you will find that you can visualise yourself surrounded by your bubble during actual stressful events and feel safer and more confident in those situations.

Remember this is a technique which, like any other, improves with committed practice and application over time.