Tips for Difficult Conversations at Work feature in Newsletter Articles

Tips for Difficult Conversations at Work feature in Newsletter Articles

Posted by Amanda Furness


Here are the articles we featured in the News from the Outside section of our final newsletter of 2017:

Difficult conversations at work: 5 ways to take control

This article acknowledges that difficult conversations at work will never be easy but offers 5 tips that will help them be handled in the right way, not only to stop them from becoming unpleasant but also to produce a better outcome for all.

Inability to switch off may be behind rise in sicknotes, warns expert

Brief article looking at what organisations can do to spot issues early, after research published by NHS Digital in September found that:

  • Almost a third of fit notes written by GP’s in England over a 28-month period (Dec 2014 – March 2017), where the diagnosis was known, were issued for mental and behavioural disorders
  • Percentages of those either signed off sick or put onto restricted duties because of stress and anxiety showed a 14% increase between 2015/16 and 2016/17
  • 21.5% of fit notes issued for ‘mental and behavioural episodes’ lasted for longer than 12 weeks

Overthinking it? Your brain makes better decisions when it’s on autopilot, expert says

Ever wondered why the solution to that problem you’ve been pondering all day at work pops into your head on the way home? Or you always seem to think of the perfect retort to settle an argument half an hour after the event? This short article provides a plausible answer.

What to do when a personal crisis is hurting your professional life

A practical piece which acknowledges that life happens and that, at some point, we will all be confronted by a personal event or crisis which we will not only have to negotiate personally but also professionally. The clearly set out advice is followed by 3 case studies.

What’s your ideal wellbeing day?

“Imagine for a moment that you’ve had an ideal day at work”, depending on how your day is going, that may take a bit more effort for some of us than others! The article’s a good reminder that the whole is made up of many smaller parts. It also offers 3 suggestions we can all try to include into our every day regardless of whether it ends up being an ideal one or not.

… and finally …


Too much stress? Try yoga with an alpaca

Alpaca lying down in a field with a river backdrop


There are some titles which just make you read on … if you want to take your yoga relaxation to another level, this one’s for you, although not sure if it’s available anywhere in the UK, you may have to travel to warmer climes!