What Do You Really Want for Your Children

Posted by Jan Lawrence

This book has helped so many parents and also teachers since it was published five years ago. It is full of common sense, as a parent told me they kept nodding in agreement as they read it. We live in a culture with many pressures on our children whatever their age and on through the teens and later (yes, many adults have found this book helpful as well). How do we help our children to enjoy life whilst also making sensible life choices so that they do not get hurt or hurt others? The content includes:

  • Seven simple secrets for building your child’s self esteem
  • How to give young children love without spoiling them
  • How to stimulate creativity (research has shown in America that the average child loses forty per cent of its creativity within two years of going to school)
  • How to encourage appropriate risk taking and overcome the fear of failure
  • Action Strategies for dealing with your own anger and frustration and the child’s
  • The secrets of raising children relatively free of illness – And much more……

I thoroughly recommend this paperback and wish it had been around when our children were small.