Case Study : Coaching for Career Development

Posted by Amanda Furness

A deputy off shore oil rig manager considered to have high potential was coached over a two year period. He had just missed out on a promoted post and had been assigned to a special project while his rig was being refitted. Working alone on this project didn’t suit his people-focused personality, however the assignment helped to stretch his capabilities. Ironically he was required to think strategically to progress and the detail required for successful project completion seemed far away from the big picture approach of a promoted role.

Through quarterly coaching sessions we explored his career options at various levels, both on shore and off shore, and he developed detailed plans of how to approach three alternative roles. Happily he gained the role he wanted and is successfully implementing his strategic plan as manager of his own off shore rig. During the course of the two year’s coaching we considered the many aspects of his leadership role and how this could be integrated with his long term career & personal ambitions.