Courses to Help Employees Manage Personal Stress

Courses to Help Employees Manage Personal Stress

Posted by Amanda Furness

It is well documented that personal stress can cause health problems which can lead to absence causing reductions to individual and thereby organisational productivity.  Employers have responsibilities to their employees and as ACAS states this ‘duty of care’ shouldn’t just be seen as a legal duty, there is a clear business case too, “It can be a key factor in building trust and reinforcing your commitment to your employees, and can help improve staff retention, boost productivity and pave the way for greater employee engagement.

One way employers can illustrate their commitment to looking after the health and wellbeing of their staff is by running a training course to help employees understand their reactions to stress as well as techniques they can practise and changes they can consider, both at work and in their personal lives, to reduce the risk of stress having an adverse effect on their health and wellbeing.

One of our experienced trainers can come to your organisation and offer any of the following courses which can be customised to meet your exact requirements:

Relax seatStress Management Techniques

A half-day course which enables participants to understand the meaning of stress and how to differentiate it from pressure.  After the course, delegates will also benefit from re-visiting the toolkit of stress management techniques and exercises covered, when they have the time and space to think fully about their life and the issues raised.
“Found this course extremely helpful and positive to recognising the stress factors both at home and work, and techniques to hep deal with them.”

Pressure Gauge - Handling PressurePractical Approaches to Handling Stress

Delegates gain an understanding of stress and its effects to help them develop strategies to cope with stress related issues.  The course equips participants with a choice of tools and techniques they can use to reduce stress and boost their wellbeing.
“I now feel I have tools to be able to manage my surroundings/workload better.”

A field of sunflowers with the sun setting in the backgroundMindfulness Training

Mindfulness enables us to pay attention to our present moment experience in a way that is both accepting and allowing. This enhanced state of awareness becomes the springboard for more effective, healthier ways of being, working and relating.
“Can we have more please! Wish I had done this course sooner – much appreciated from a personal and professional level.”

Personal Wellbeing

A key aspect of this course is the understanding of how positive and negative emotions affect us and how we can use this knowledge to reduce the risk of stress for ourselves and those we work with.
“The tools and tips are in some ways basic, but very effective. I routinely use them to steer clear from the rocks and to focus on going forward and not back and they are working really well for me.”

Short Courses LondonShort Courses

We have devised a selection of bite-sized courses which are suitable for organisations looking to promote awareness of a range of health and wellbeing topics to a number of employees. Organisations can choose either one session, perhaps over a lunchtime, or a combination of sessions to be delivered throughout a day.
“Very useful, many ideas to take away.”      “Very good workshop – wide ranging topics, very broad range, excellent.”       “10/10” 


If you would like to discuss training that you could arrange to help employees manage their personal stress, please either call us on 0131 476 5027 or complete our contact form here.