Create an inclusive workplace – how we can help

Posted by Amanda Furness

If you are looking to create an inclusive workplace which promotes equality and diversity where staff feel they can be themselves at work, we can help.

The business case for inclusion has already confirmed that the benefits of being able to draw from a diverse talent pool include increased job satisfaction, greater staff retention, wider staff attraction, and increased productivity.  Inclusion also helps companies better understand how their customers think and how they can connect with markets they didn’t previously have access to.  There are also wider implications for both business and society if a positive cycle exists whereby society supports business success whilst businesses create jobs and give pay rises leading to living standards within that society being raised.

Studies have shown that employees are more engaged and able to innovate in workplaces which are diverse and inclusive with inclusion being associated with higher collective performance.  This is believed to be due to better decision making being practiced where diversity of experience and thought is present, as decisions are processed more carefully than happens in teams where all the members share the same characteristics.

Businesses who look to create an inclusive workplace initiate solutions which support both the needs of the business and those of their employees. And this is why we appreciate that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for helping an organisation develop an inclusive culture and therefore offer both consultancy and training.


Diverse Pencils


We can offer Consultancy to help identify the challenges faced by your organisation and suggest the most effective solutions




Training for both management and staff in:

Diversity Eggs
Equality and Diversity where the key issues and individual responsibilities in positively promoting equal opportunities and diversity can be openly shared and discussed in a supportive environment, based on real-life scenarios.

Understanding Unconscious Bias – discrimination can take place unconsciously because individuals lack awareness of their own biases. This course helps to uncover the invisible barriers that are raised in our own minds and how such natural tendencies can be counteracted.


If you would like to discuss how we can help your organisation become more inclusive, please either give us a call on 01383 324 122 or leave your details on our contact form here.