Established in 1998 – In-house training

Established in 1998 – In-house training

Posted by Jan Lawrence

In Equilibrium is a training company that specialises in running in-house training courses in Stress, Resilience and Mental Health Awareness throughout the UK.  The company was started in 1998 by two Psychologists, a Behavioural Scientist and a Medical Doctor.

We design and deliver training courses for managers and employees that are based on common sense management principles and always provide practical tools and resources delegates can use for on-going development.  Stress, Resilience and Mental Health have always been the company’s specialist areas.

In addition to providing in-house training we have also held five major conferences in London and Edinburgh on various aspects of Workplace Stress, Well-being and Mental Health in both the private and the public sectors.  The last conference in London featured Dame Carol Black, the Government’s National Director for Work and Health, as the keynote speaker.

We believe we have been successful in achieving high levels of repeat business because we do the following three things well.  Firstly we provide engaging experienced trainers who deliver practical content that produces straightforward effective results.  Secondly we are adaptable and very focused on providing training content and materials that will meet our customers’ specific needs.  Consequently we never hold back from suggesting content changes and improvements that will enhance the probability of achieving the required course outcomes.  Thirdly we are extremely attentive to pre-course preparation and planning.  This is achieved by building strong relationships with our customers through good communication and attention to detail.