Mental Health Awareness Training Case Study – The Methodist Church

Mental Health Awareness Training Case Study – The Methodist Church

Posted by Jan Lawrence

The Methodist Church London

Who was trained (role and level in org)?

Mainly administrators who were working with a person who had mental health difficulties.

What problem did you want In Equilibrium’s training to address?

To develop an understanding of the main mental health conditions we may come across at work and strategies to address issues that arose from this with individuals.

What was their solution and what programme / training was delivered?

One day course on mental health awareness which went through the main conditions and how to support/work with someone presenting with them.

What was the outcome?

We felt empowered to deal with the individual who was causing difficulties by their behaviour.

Were the skills/behaviours learned being used 3/6/12 months later?

Yes, for as long as the individual remained with us – she has now left. I am continuing to use them in my Wellbeing office role as I deal with mental health issues regularly.

Why was In Equilibrium selected?

I had been impressed with your course on developing resilience.


A good overview and practical strategies.


Simply that there was so much to cover in one day.

Course delivery scoring (rated 1 = low 5 = high)

Meeting Project Deliverables = 5

Delegate feedback = 5

Quality of trainers / consultants = 5

Value for money = 5

Effectiveness of Training = 5

Flexibility & Adaptability = 5

Innovation = 2 the course was not innovative, but we didn’t need it to be!

Would you employ the services of / work with In Equilibrium again?


Additional comments

I think we found it a relief to be able to talk about issues which had been of concern to us for so long, and to find ways of dealing with them. After the course I had to put them into practice with the individual concerned in a very difficult situation, and they worked well.

The responses in this Mental Health Awareness Training Case Study were provided by Tony Tidey, Wellbeing Officer, The Methodist Church, London.