Is conflict resolution relevant to me?

Posted by Jan Lawrence


Well, yes, if you’re experiencing a work situation that isn’t flourishing.  Also remember that conflict is happening in ourselves when we’re not flourishing.  And key to this are the judgements and evaluations we form about ourselves and others, for example:

  • “I might have known he’d say that”, “Here she goes again!”
  • “I MUST get it right”
  • “What can I say so I won’t upset her?”
  • “I’ve screwed up!”

The model of relationship building I have found to have a deep impact in Sri Lanka, Lebanon and the UK brings a fresh understanding to and departure from these judgements and evaluations. It gets under the skin of what’s truly happening in conflict situations and brings a thinking and methodology for establishing common ground and empathy: learning this approach truly transforms our relationships.

So if any of the situations below apply to you we know we can help:

  • You feel anxious before talking to a particular person
  • You find that certain individuals or topics ‘trigger’ you or others
  • Morale and creativity is low or a team isn’t performing in the way you’d like
  • Energy gets put into destructive rumours and gossip
  • Disagreements between individuals are characterised by put downs, raised voices or silence
  • People don’t like bringing up certain topics with certain individuals
  • You don’t book your holiday on the same days as your boss or colleague because to be at work without them IS a holiday
  • You’ve got sickness absence problems

Andy Mason, Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and trained in mediation at the Regents College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology, has spent the last ten years working with conflict in teams, organisations and communities with people as diverse as Tamils and Sinhalese in war torn Sri Lanka, Iraqi refugees in Beirut and senior managers in UK corporations.  He trains, coaches and mediates.  He runs inspiring introductory programmes and offers hands on mediation.  He supports individuals and groups to learn how to truly transform their relationships by understanding and working with their judgements and prejudice.  As the Director of HR in one client company says ‘Andy Mason is a seasoned HR professional who brings a dimension to improved people skills that is very difficult to find in other consultants or training companies’.

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