Mental Health Awareness Training Case Study – Incisive Media

Mental Health Awareness Training Case Study – Incisive Media

Posted by Jan Lawrence

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Who was trained (role and level in org)?  

The HR Team were trained along with 2 managers from the business who at the time were managing staff who were suffering from mental health issues.

What problem did you want In Equilibrium’s training to address?

At the time we were dealing with issues that had arisen from a member of staff who had committed suicide.  Therefore we were wanting to understand more about managing and dealing with staff with mental health issues and how best we could support the colleagues who worked closely with the employee who had committed suicide.

What was their solution and what programme / training was delivered?  

The course delivered was “Mental Health Awareness and intervention

Were the skills/behaviours learned being used 3/6/12 months later?

Yes and are still being used.

Why was In Equilibrium selected?

They were recommended by RightCore Care who provide our EAP

Course delivery scoring (rated 1 = low 5 = high)

Meeting Project Deliverables = 5
Delegate feedback = 5
Quality of trainers / consultants = 5
Value for money = 5
Effectiveness of Training =5
Flexibility & Adaptability =5
Innovation =5

Would you employ the services of / work with In Equilibrium again?


The responses in this Mental Health Awareness Training Case Study were provided by Lizzie Fraser, HR Manager, Incisive Media,  London.