New course – Developing a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

New course – Developing a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Posted by Amanda Furness


How you view your ability and characteristics has an impact on both your personal and professional life.  It reflects, amongst other things, how you handle setbacks and difficulties, the ideas you promote and the creativity you portray.

Fixed v Growth mindset

We all have a place on the continuum between a fixed and a growth mindset.  Those at the fixed mindset end believe you are born with set abilities which you can’t do anything about.  This way of thinking has negative consequences, not only for the individual’s personal development but also for those they work with and can also affect the culture of their organisation.

After more than 35 years’ research, the benefits that developing a growth mindset can have, both for individuals and organisations, are more fully understood.  Thankfully the word ‘developing’ is crucial as we all have the ability to cultivate a growth mindset and enjoy the benefits of this way of thinking.

Benefits of a growth mindset culture in the workplace

Those with a fixed mindset have a strong fear of failure as they view any failure as a flaw in their character which they don’t consider they can change, so they tend to avoid exposing themselves to situations where they could fail or try to distance themselves from less than successful results.  In the workplace, this can lead to undesirable actions such as mistakes being covered up, blame being dealt to others and constructive feedback falling on deaf ears.

Encouraging a growth mindset culture in an organisation can help individuals understand that failure is natural and an opportunity to learn and improve which will ultimately result in success.  Such organisations enjoy improved performance, a workforce with greater confidence and encounter more adaptability when challenges arise.

New Course – Developing a growth mindset in the workplace

We have introduced a one-day course to help participants understand the power of developing a growth mindset.  It includes practical ways of cultivating this way of thinking in both themselves and others.

Anyone in an organisation who is looking to develop themselves or their team will benefit from attending.  It is also a particularly suitable course option for organisations who are currently experiencing, or planning, a period of change.

Please note that during the current Covid-19 pandemic the course is being delivered in a shortened, live, virtual format. If appropriate conditions are in place, it can be delivered face-to-face on-site in London and the South of England.


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