New Resilience Resources Page

New Resilience Resources Page

Posted by Jan Lawrence


If you’re a regular reader of our bi-monthly newsletter you’ll know that we regularly add articles to our own blog about aspects of resilience as well as highlighting valuable resources and external articles.  However, we thought it would be useful to viewers of our website if we also produced an on-line library of resilience resources and so we have recently compiled our New Resilience Resources page which we hope will be of value.

As with any good library, we hope to regularly replenish it and would welcome suggestions of any additional articles you have read on the subject of resilience which you found valuable and think others would find helpful too.  Either email us at or complete our online contact form.

Pages such as this take time to compile and we would therefore like as many people to benefit from it as possible and would therefore encourage you to share this page.  Please feel free to link to it too!

You can view our New Resilience Resources page here