Newsletter Articles – the three C’s, the 70 percent rule and others

Newsletter Articles – the three C’s, the 70 percent rule and others

Posted by Amanda Furness

The first edition of In Equilibrium in 2015 featured external articles discussing the importance of courage, compassion and resilience in the workplace; the three C’s which can enhance employee wellbeing; training the mind to increase wellbeing; the 70% delegation rule; and why, just because we’re all perennially busy, we should still make room for manners.

Courage, compassion and resilience make great workplaces

Michael Pearn discusses three qualities which, it is now recognised, can all be developed in leaders and which, when used together, can have powerful results in the workplace.

The British Council for Offices encourages companies to learn the ‘Three C’s’ to boost employee wellbeing

A short article published on January’s dreaded ‘Blue Monday’ to help organisations endorse a culture of wellbeing and assist those working for them to be as happy as they can be.

Can we train the mind to increase wellbeing?

It’s fairly obvious the answer’s going to be in the affirmative but this article explains clearly and simply that it may not be as difficult as many of us imagine.

When to delegate? Try the 70 Percent Rule

Short article which urges you to ask yourself one question, the answer to which could result in you freeing up your time for higher level tasks as well as developing team members, thereby achieving greater overall success.

Busy? Stressed? Do stop boasting about it. You’re not the only one

Go on, we dare you … go and ask someone how they are and with their response fresh in your mind, read on and see if you relate to this article?!