Newsletter Articles – 6 articles promoting wellbeing

Posted by Amanda Furness



Here are the articles we featured in our Summer 2017 newsletter:

Sitting near a high performer can make you better at your job

“We’ve known since kindergarten that who you sit next to can matter” but this article goes on to highlight how research has produced some clear advice for managers.

Simple ways to promote wellbeing in the workplace

According to this American article, workplace wellness programmes represent a $6 billion a year industry and yet many fail to include the work environment which not only effects our physical health but also our mental health. A few basic areas to consider are suggested.

How meditation helps you handle stress better

In a recent research study 70 adults with generalized anxiety disorder undertook either Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or a stress management education course. The results add to the growing evidence of the role MBSR can play in the treatment of anxiety and resilience to stress.

Loving Legal Life: What is Wellbeing and how can you tell if you are being well?

This article from The Lawyer website is suitable for anyone and well worth a read. It discusses both the meaning of wellbeing and how to be well, including many useful tips.

Play is important for adults too

Do you know how David Beckham controls his stress? We’ve known for a long time that play is important for children’s wellbeing. Researchers are now considering how it may also benefit adults … and the good news is that, if you’ve forgotten how, it’s something you can re-learn.

… and finally …


What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

Is it fame?   Or money?  Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, the 4th Director of this 75 year Harvard study, entertainingly shares 3 important lessons learned from their research, some of which support good old-fashioned wisdom …