Newsletter Issue 46 Autumn 2008

Newsletter Issue 46 Autumn 2008

Posted by Ellie McLavin

Welcome to the autumn edition of “In Equilibrium“.

The nights may be drawing in but we have plenty of interesting articles to keep you from veering towards winter hibernation just yet! In this edition we are spreading the word about our re-vamped website; have a tip to boost your mood through the winter months ahead; include some important dates for your November diary; and have news of two interesting updates from the Health & Safety Executive.

We hope you will find a quiet moment to read on.


In Equilibrium News

New Course Available

We are now offering a course entitled Practical Approaches to Handling Pressure.  Delegates attending this course will not only increase their understanding of stress and its effects but they will also come away with a variety of coping strategies to be used to deal with stress-related issues. This course is led by Dr Anita Levinson and is suitable for employees at all levels in an organisation.

Stress Management Tip

This month we offer a suggestion to help lighten your load during the long winter months ahead.

News from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Psychosocial Working Conditions in Britain in 2008 The HSE have released the results of their latest annual survey which forms part of a series of surveys that began back in 2004. These were set up to monitor changes in the key areas of Demand, Control, Managerial Support, Peer Support, Role, Relationships and Change – the psychosocial working conditions the HSE is aiming to improve for British workers through the implementation by employers of its Management Standards approach to tackling work-related stress. Read the results here

Management Competencies for Preventing and Reducing Stress at Work This report presents the findings of the second phase of the research project aimed at identifying the specific management behaviours associated with the effective management of stress at work. The project has been jointly funded by the HSE, CIPD and Investors in People UK.

– The full research report can be downloaded from the HSE website at

– Short guidance leaflets providing the findings of the research can be downloaded from the CIPD website at Emma Donaldson Feilder, co-author of the report, will be speaking about the findings of this research at our annual conference entitled Workplace Stress, Resilience and Well-being at the CBI Conference Centre, London on Thursday 20th November 2008. 


We found the following websites interesting:

Backed by Alpro Soya as part of their contribution to 2008 Year of Wellbeing, this website provides useful information from expert independent advisors on both personal well-being and well-being at work. You can register for updates and also view the magazine they produce entitled Natural Wellbeing.

Although it is an American site, the content is relevant. This site has been developed by two women who have experienced at first hand the life of busy corporate executives. Their mission now is to get office workers to take 5 minutes every day to think about and look after their health. They have created a library of five minute videos and blogs from various experts. The video exercises were specifically developed to be done anywhere from your office chair to your living room sofa, no specialist equipment required.


Amanda’s Column

Amanda suspects she is not alone in discovering the knock-on effect on your mood of poor customer service.

Stress in the News

Three and a half million bullied in job

A recent survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the TUC has reported shocking figures regarding the number of employees experiencing bullying or being aware of it in their organisation. The findings have led the TUC General Secretary to call for every organisation to have an anti-bullying policy.

Details about In Equilibrium courses on Preventing Bullying and Harassment can be found on our website.

Men and Work

It is a regular gripe from the male of our species (and probably rightly so) that many health publications are geared towards the fairer sex. Well they can now be silenced for at least the time it takes to read this booklet! It is a great resource for men covering all aspects of health and well-being, laid out and written in a very readable style.

Studies prove that chocolate is really good for you

Every newsletter deserves its good news story and this is ours! This article offers an explanation as to why women more than men reach for that chocolate bar in times of high stress, as well as explaining how chocolate can provide many other health benefits.


Dates for Your Diary

5th November

Stress Awareness Day

This year the campaign is entitled Don’t Worry Take Action.

7th November

Ban Bullying at Work Day

Recognition and awareness is the focus for the 2008 campaign.

20th November

In Equilibrium Annual Conference

Workplace Stress, Resilience & Well-being Conference

CBI Conference Centre, London.


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