Newsletter Resources – Training on Stress Management, Health & Wellbeing

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our June edition of In Equilibrium featured two external resources for the areas of stress in the workplace and employee health and wellbeing:

European Opinion Poll on Occupational Safety and Health
The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has published the results of an opinion poll which featured various questions about the ageing workforce and stress in the workplace across 31 European states.  Amongst other questions, participants were asked to select what they considered was the most common cause of work related stress and how well they felt workplace stress was handled in their workplace.  The results are presented both overall and country by country. Click on the United Kingdom at the foot of the page to load a power point of the results in English.

Health Wellbeing and Productivity
The results of a 2012/13 survey by Towers Watson has found that over two-thirds of the 74 leading organisations surveyed are looking to increase support for their health and wellbeing programmes during the next 2 years.  However, the reasons motivating these plans are not so clear cut.  A summary of the findings can be found by clicking on the above link where you can also download the full report.