A Question on Pressure, Approach to Change and Resilience

Posted by Amanda Furness

“Would you like to be more level-headed under pressure and have a more flexible and positive approach to change?”


It is now a well-known fact that resilience isn’t a fixed trait that we are born with but a skill we each have the capacity to develop at any time during our lives. Another well-known fact is that the ability to adapt to change within the workplace is fast becoming one of the most essential skills you can possess.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change“, he may have been ahead of his time but Darwin’s quote is very relevant to life today.

Our one-day Developing Personal Resilience open course in London will help you to learn the difference between your reactive versus your responsive state. You will be encouraged to think about boundaries and the importance of being true to your own, as well as respecting other people’s. You will be introduced to the different resilience skills and spend some time considering the various thinking traps you fall into. You will look at how your relationships, both at work and at home, could be a greater source of inspiration and support when solving problems or dealing with setbacks. And you will gain tips in developing your emotional intelligence as well as acquiring an awareness of the benefits mindfulness can bring to becoming highly resilient.

The workshop is practical in nature and during the course of the day you will devise a control inventory. Various other exercises are also interspersed throughout the day including one which will allow you to see the areas in which you could improve your resilience, and a second illustrating how you can develop realistic optimism and the benefits this can bring to your problem solving skills.

As the following quotes from previous delegates illustrate, a day spent learning how to develop your personal resilience may be a valuable investment – not just for yourself but also for your team, your organisation and those closest to you.

“Very good course and I will recommend it to everyone. It definitely helps with dealing with daily situations and empowers an individual on how they react in daily situations.”

“The training methods used were very varied and kept me engaged throughout.  I left with strategies which I feel I can confidently use.”

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