Stress Management Training Feedback from an International Infrastructure Group

Posted by Jan Lawrence

We have recently delivered a our Stress Management Training for Managers course on a large scale to an International Infrastructure Group.

Course Trainer Comments

The trainer found the work very fulfilling but noted that the big challenge for the delegates was having to juggle deadlines for the project which made taking time out to attend the training demanding.  This makes it even more impressive that they do manage to do it!

When asked what the most satisfying element of the contract has been so far the trainer commented:

“What has pleased me the most is the openness to the information and the genuine concern of the managers to take occupational stress seriously and implement strategies to deal with it at a team and organisational level.  This is especially satisfying as it is coming from a ‘masculine’, ‘macho’ industry [words that delegates would use] so to see these individuals open up to this material is great.  The organisation has recognised the importance of looking after employees’ health and wellbeing, including mental wellbeing and I think this signifies a very positive shift that hopefully many more organisations will embrace.”

The trainer also said “At times it has been a lot of fun – delegates are lively and some have a good sense of humour so that enhances the learning and job satisfaction for me.”

Feedback from the delegates

We thought we would highlight some of the pertinent comments from recent feedback:

What will you do differently as a result of attending this course?

“Active listening/spotting signs of stress”

“Better assessment of team stress levels and self”

How will this training improve your work performance?

“Earlier recognition in employees of signs of stress and a framework to better manage stress in employees”

“More awareness of stress at work and tools to deal with stress”

Please describe your overall experience of this course in a sentence below

“Good course and very valid for my current role.  Provides good information”

“Informative and useful”

“Very well delivered and structured course”

For more information or to discuss how this course could be adapted to fit with your organisation’s needs, please call us on 0131 476 5027.