Newsletter 61 – July/August 2011

Newsletter 61 – July/August 2011

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Your stress, resilience and well-being round-up

Welcome to the Summer edition of In Equilibrium

Rather than take the bumper “Summer Special” approach found in kids’ comics of the past, we thought we would keep our summer edition compact but still include all the old favourites!

In this edition you can:

  • Discover how taking action may reduce the anxiety experienced by anticipating a problem
  • Find out the positives and negatives to watch out for if you are a perfectionist
  • Receive a useful explanation of the different types of behaviour people reveal when angry, together with some useful tips for managing anger in a healthy way
  • Find details of how to participate in a survey, the results of which will  be used to measure the scale of mental health problems in the workplace
  • See how one school tried to prepare their pupils for the exam season –  alternative but amusing

In Equilibrium News

We will give you a full round up of our business news in the September edition.

As regards the office team there is a home and away split on the holiday front and as things stand today (in the teeming rain) we reckon it will be obvious to any visitors on our return who was on which side!

Stress Management Tip

Sometimes worrying that we may have a problem causes more anxiety than being faced with fact and acting upon it …
read our latest tip here.

Food for thought – check out the News from the Outside section below where one of the articles reveals the results of a survey into how much time each of us will spend worrying over the course of our lifetime!

Ask The Expert

In this edition, we help a reader who contacted us with a question regarding perfectionism.


It has been brought to my attention at my recent appraisal that some of my colleagues think I am a perfectionist and that this is having a negative impact on my work.  I am struggling to find the motivation to make changes as I don’t  really see what the problem is ……

In Equilibrium Director, Jan Lawrence, looks at the pros and cons of perfectionism and offers some useful tips to encourage healthier ways of thinking.
Read her answer here …

If you found our answer helpful, you may be interested in the following course:
Stress Management Techniques

Amandas Column

Amanda spends a weekend al fresco, and ends up wondering if optimism is always a good thing


Tips for Managing Anger
Our consultant, Angela Smith, explains that although anger is a perfectly normal emotion, learning to express and manage it in a healthy way can take time and practice.

Understanding Generalised Anxiety Disorder
In this extract from our Mental Health Awareness Training Course
the signs and symptoms of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) are explained, a case study is presented, and hints are given as to how to support a person suffering from GAD.

All Work and No Play
Central YMCA have produced this report to evaluate their Workplace Activator pilot project.  With the cost to the UK economy of physical inactivity estimated to be £8.2billion, the cost to employers is significant. The Workplace Activator programme works on the basis that employees perform better after exercising and that the best people to encourage employees to become more active are those they trust – friends, family and colleagues.

Life Without Limits
We occasionally pass something round the office which we feel is motivational and worth sharing with others.

By following the link below you will meet the inspirational Nick Vujicic, a young man born with no arms or legs who now travels the world illustrating how overcoming adversity, having a positive approach and being prepared to persevere can make a meaningful life possible.

News from the Outside

70 million reasons why stress at work must be tackled
Stress or poor mental health is the reason behind 70 million working days being lost to UK employers every year.  Unite has linked up with the mental health charity, Mind to launch the new Stress Mental Health at Work Campaign and Work Survey.  They hope the results received will be used to highlight the issue, improve workplace policies and processes and put an end to discrimination against workers with mental health problems.

Stressed out Brits spend a year and a half of their lives worrying
The results of a study carried out to mark the launch, in June, of Everyman’s Male Cancer Awareness Month show how much time we spend worrying every day, the most common things we worry about and the effect this has on individuals and those close to them.

… and finally …

Headteacher helps to reduce exam stress for his pupils by leading an impromptu dance routine
It certainly sent the pupils of a Scottish High School off on their exam leave with a smile on their faces – we hope it has the same effect on you!


“The pursuit of happiness is a ridiculous phrase; if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it”
C.P. Snow
English novelist and scientist (1905 – 1980)

“We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance”
Harrison Ford
American Actor (1942 – )

May we wish you a very happy summer and thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have, contact us at :