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Newsletter 55 – June/July 2010

It hardly feels a minute since the year got off to a decidedly chilly start and yet here we are at the end of May with long, light days and hopefully a good summer to look forward to.

Welcome to our latest edition of In Equilibrium where we hope you will find plenty to interest you. To whet your appetite:

  • we have a great stress tip
  • a topical “Ask the Expert” spot with the opportunity to arrange a free 30 minute skype conversation with our expert Dr Angela Smith
  • a useful resource in the form of some background notes about stress
  • details of our new course entitled “Employee Engagement” and, of course, all our regular items

In Equilibrium News

Valuing Diversity, Dignity and Respect We have recently updated and re-named this course (previously entitled Equality and Diversity) as we feel it better reflects the content. The course not only looks at legal responsibilities but aims to give managers and employees at all levels an understanding of the key issues and individual responsibilities involved in promoting a positive approach to equal opportunities and diversity. The business case for diversity is outlined and how to create a positive and inclusive working environment is explored. This course adopts a supportive, pragmatic yet fun approach and focuses on the practical issues participants encounter in their daily work. 

Newsletter Circulation Our aim is to make this newsletter an interesting read for individuals as well as an informative round-up for HR and Training professionals. Therefore, if you choose to, we are happy for it to be posted on your company’s intranet site.

Competition Winners Congratulations go to Patricia Evans and Neil Shayle who were the winners of the April Fool competition we ran in our last edition. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, as a result of your excellent response we are now planning competitions in future editions ……. so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Stress Management Tip

This edition’s tip could be likened to a jigsaw …….. puzzled? All will be revealed…

Ask the Expert

Our take on that well read problem page found at the end of many magazines. We feature an anonymous question received from one of our readers and have it answered by a specialist consultant. In this edition, we tackle the effects that the unpleasant threat of redundancy can have and learn how resilient techniques can be used to embrace change in a more positive light.

Question My company have announced that they are going to be making 70 people redundant within the next year. We have not been told who is going to be made redundant or the dates it may happen. I am very worried and think about it all the time. It has got to the point where I am finding it difficult to sleep at night or to be motivated at work. How can I be more resilient during this very difficult time?

Answer This question has been answered by our consultant, Dr Angela Brown, a forensic psychologist who has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering bespoke programmes in a broad spectrum of areas including change management and conflict resolution. Her answer introduces and explains a number of resilience factors in a practical and helpful manner, read it here.  

If you would like to have a question answered in a future edition, please email it to us at training@in-equilibrium.co.uk


We have drawn up these notes to help give an explanation of what stress is; how you may recognise the signs; the distinction between event stress and chronic stress; the negative health effects of chronic stress; as well as an explanation about how different personalities react to pressure.

Research into UK Workers Stress Levels The results of an online survey by Skillsoft UK Ltd. to try and establish what makes people feel stressed at work and also what the participants felt would be the main contributor to their stress levels during 2009. The results also highlight the 3 most common things which stress people about the people they work with. In order to view the free report you just have to enter your details on the page linked to and the report pdf then appears. Follow the instructions here: https://www.publictechnology.net/downloads/mar10/24934

Visions of Britain 2020 The second report in the Vision of Britain series by Friends Provident is now available online. It suggests that people management in 2020 may be a much more demanding task with disruptive change occurring in 4 areas creating challenges for business leaders and completely new skills being required. Read the report here: https://www.visionsofbritain2020.co.uk/our-vision/research/employment/the-workforce?id=2

Amanda’s Column

Amanda discovers that although an afternoon’s exercise in the garden may have improved her well-being, it also raised moral predicaments and long-term image worries. Read her column here.

Stress in the News

State of Joy : Why your country needs you to be happy

This article was written before our recent change of Government but it may be all the more relevant for it. Julian Baggini looks at whether adopting Gross National Happiness in place of GDP would be a development to cheer or fear? The article also includes Professor Ed Diener’s Happiness Test. Go on, you know you want to – find out how happy you are here:

Workers turn to antidepressants as recession takes its toll

According to the results of a recent poll carried out prior to thelaunch of their new campaign, Mind discovered that 1 in 10 workers havesought support from their doctors and 7% have started takingantidepressants for stress and mental health problems directly causedby the pressures of recession on their workplace. Mind’s new campaign”Taking care of Business” has been launched.

Trial of Science Teacher highlights classroom stress

Following the recent sad case of Peter Harvey, this article looks at some of the factors which teachers have to deal with, concluding that there is now a “greater consciousness of the need to examine the whole area of teacher stress in greater detail”.

The effectiveness of yoga for the improvement of well-being and resilience to stress in the workplace

48 employees from a British university were either offered an hour’s yoga class each week for a period of 6 weeks or placed on a waitlist control group.

………and finally……

Tired at work? Try the workaholic pillow! We’re certainly not advocating such a product and know you wouldn’t even contemplate using it but we nevertheless thought it was relevant to bring the existence of such items in the workplace to your attention!


“Man is disturbed not by things but by the views he takes of them” Epictetus Greek Philosopher (AD55 – AD135)

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges” Isaac Newton Mathematician(1643 – 1727)

You may also be interested in the following courses we have available:

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


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