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Summer 2022 newsletter arrives with a breath of wellbeing air

The aim of our latest newsletter is that reading it will equate to inhaling a breath of wellbeing air!

Welcome to our Summer newsletter in which you'll find:

  • links to our recent blog articles with a managing burnout infographic and some tips if you find yourself an innocent bystander to bullying and harassment at work
  • a wellbeing at work tip considering the part micro-breaks can play in our day
  • trainer Christine Clark offering some valuable insights into the importance and approach of suicide first aid training in our Ask the Expert feature
  • links to relevant wellbeing in the workplace external resources and articles that may be of interest
  • a bit of research that office plant monitors might want to check out!


In Equilibrium News

Do you have a favourite app that helps you manage your mental health?

Recent research suggests that over a third of UK working adults have used tools or resources in the last year to help them manage their mental health.

We've recently updated our Apps for Resilience and Mindfulness webpage in which we aim to include a selection of tried and tested apps to build resilience, reduce stress and improve mental health.

If you find your favourite app is missing, please let us know so we can look into adding it to the page.


We're more mobile friendly!

We've recently been working hard on updating our website's mobile view.  As anyone who's embarked on the same project will know, it's a big task but hopefully now provides a much improved experience for those accessing our site in this way.


Recent articles added to our blog


Image of the word blog spelt in speech bubbles to accompany a list of recent blog articles- Managing Burnout: some actions to restore energy

- Are you an innocent bystander to bullying and harassment at work?


Micro-breaks can re-set our brains, improving both productivity and wellbeing

Man with arm resting on the wall at head height, staring out of a window through open horizontal blinds


For this edition's tip, we consider micro-breaks; what they are, the part they can play in our productivity, with some ideas to help build them into our working day.



Ask The Expert

Photo taken from below of the bare branches of a tree against a cloudy blue sky
In our latest Ask the Expert Q&A, trainer Christine Clark answers many of the questions people want to know about Suicide First Aid training but may not have had the opportunity to ask.



Amanda's Column

Muted photo of people crossing on street for amanda's column


Amanda is reminded of a curious habit which social distancing put an end to for the past couple of years. She finds that a fleeting eavesdrop can set your imagination working overtime!




A highlighter pen marking typed text on a piece of white paper


For this edition we have wellbeing at work resources on the topics of equality, mental health and employee resilience:


• CCLA Corporate Mental Health Benchmark UK 100 Report 2022
• Health and Wellbeing at Work 2022
• Mental Health and Employers: The case for investment - pandemic and beyond
• Separate and single sex service providers: a guide on the Equality Act sex and gender reassignment provisions
• Supporting Employee Resilience - guidance for managers



An adult lion on a grass field for quotations section of summer newsletter


"Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow’.”
Mary Ann Radmacher - Writer and artist


"Empathy for other people’s feelings requires a counter-balancing quality of toughness to not be controlled by their pain.”
Al Siebert - Author, educator, founder and director of the Resiliency Center


Other short reads which may be of interest

A lightbulb on top of a pile of yellow magazines on a wooden surface against a red brick wall


Benefits of broadening workplace inclusion
Six misunderstood concepts about diversity in the workplace and why they matter
The importance of mental health awareness in the tech sector
This commuting habit kills workplace productivity, says study
Workforce wellbeing and job design: Stephen Bevan talks to Oven-Ready HR
Workplace well-being: why employers should invest in mental health



... and finally ...

A withered flower and dried up plant stem

If you’re not the greenest fingered when it comes to tending those plants in the home or office that we're told clear the air and boost our wellbeing ... new research would suggest the reverse is actually possible if you’re left with one that’s struggling. For reticent office plant monitors, this could be the evidence you’ve been waiting for to start over!



Thanks for reading our newsletter, we hope you found something of interest or value. We are always delighted to hear our readers' opinions, so if you would like to share your comments or suggestions with us, please get in touch at: [email protected].

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