Articles – Workplace Bullying, Mindfulness Training & Wellbeing

Articles – Workplace Bullying, Mindfulness Training & Wellbeing

Posted by Amanda Furness

Our August edition of In Equilibrium featured external articles which looked at workplace bullying, mindfulness training, perceptions of stress, tips to deal with a stressed partner or colleague and how the moon’s cycle may be affecting our sleep quality.

Workplace Bullying in the UK NHS

A recent study investigated the incidence and impact of bullying behaviour between staff in the NHS workplace and looked into what the barriers were which would stop the reporting of bullying behaviour.
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Using mindfulness to reduce stress in social care managers

Kirsty McGregor participates in a Mindfulness session for managers at the charity PSS, and discovers that taking part in the programme has been a positive experience not only for the participants but for their teams and the organisation.
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Perceptions of Stress linked to heart attack risk

The Whitehall II study tracked several thousand civil servants for more than two and a half decades.  It discovered that people who think their health is being affected by stress are at much higher risk of heart attack than those who don’t believe stress has a large part to play in their health.
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Five tips for dealing with a stressed out colleague

If you work (or live) with someone who is either regularly negative or highly stressed their mood can rub off on you.  If alarm bells are ringing, this article suggests five tips which may be worth exploring.
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Bad Moon Rising: How Lunar Rhythms Affect Sleep

For anyone who’s been laughed at for yawning their way through a day and blaming their poor sleep quality on the full moon … you may be right!