Apps for resilience, mindfulness and mental health

Posted by Jan Lawrence

We have a new page outlining the apps we think are worth trying out.  We would love to also hear reader’s recommendations – please let us know of any apps you would recommend.

The new apps page can be found here Apps for Resilience, Mindfulness, Mental Health

There are many benefits in using apps to help us form new habits and improve the way we feel.  They tend to be easily accessible due to usually having our phones on our person, notifications can provide gentle reminders, as well as the fact that apps can make use of the phone’s camera and GPS facilities to add context to the experience.

At the moment we have included the following apps on the page:

  • Headspace (Mindfulness)
  • Simply Being (Guided meditation)
  • Buddhify (Short meditations to build around activities like going for a walk)
  • Calm (Guided meditation with soothing background sounds)
  • Self-help for anxiety management (Anxiety management)
  • Sleep-easily mediation (Combination of soothing music and voice to help induce sleep)
  • Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help (Cognitive behavioural therapy for Panic and Anxiety)
  • Whats Up (CBT to help tackle negative thoughts)
  • Gratitude Journal (Help getting in to the habit of being thankful)
  • Gratitude Journal 365 Pro (As above but photos can also be added)
  • Azasu (Also about being thankful and asking yourself ‘What was your inspiration today?’)
  • Moodmint (Techniques to help boost mood and reduce stress, anxiety & depression)

Please do let us know what you think!