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Autumn 2023 Newsletter includes tips for Stress Awareness Week

Our Autumn edition is published to coincide with this year Stress Awareness Week, the theme of which is 'Beyond stress management: from stigma to solutions'.


We hope you'll find some practical ideas in this edition of our quarterly wellbeing at work newsletter which includes:

  • A stress management tip to help avoid co-rumination
  • Some suggested resources to help health, wellbeing and inclusion at work
  • Links to the most recent articles added to our blog
  • Our pick of some interesting wellbeing articles from other sites
  • A memorable quote
  • The company-wide approach one organisation has taken to reduce burnout and improve wellbeing.


Communication at work - beware the pitfalls of co-rumination

Two anonymous co-workers sitting outside talking, one holding a coffee cup and the other the stump filter of a coffee machine.Private conversations between colleagues about workplace challenges can lead to co-rumination and negative feelings. We offer 5 tips to help develop healthy interactions at work that increase wellbeing and avoid the pitfalls of co-rumination.
Read this edition's tip here ...



Some suggested resources to help health, wellbeing and inclusion at work

Close up photo of a person holding the top item from a pile of paper-clipped paperwork


Click here to read our latest round up of external resources which include:



  • advice for employers on managing work-related stress
  • a new code of practice for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace
  • a guide on how to recruit neurodiverse candidates
  • the results of an annual health and wellbeing at work survey


Recent articles added to our blog

Person standing in front of a flipchart with 3 other people sitting round a table contributing


Creating a great workplace - ensure team psychological safety




Stress Management - Stopwatch with the word 'deadline' where the 12 would normally be


Why time-strapped managers need stress management training




3 interesting wellbeing articles and videos from around the web

  1. Does your organisation need dedicated health and wellbeing roles?
    With the rise in roles of those who take care of specific aspects of their workplace’s growing health and wellbeing strategy, this article looks into how these positions contribute to the wider company culture and if they’re here to stay.
  2. How to speak confidently when you’re put on the spot
    One of the Author Talks interview series from McKinsey & Company. Stanford University Graduate School of Business lecturer, Matt Abrahams, shares tips for reducing anxiety whilst perfecting the art of communication in spontaneous situations.
  3. What is ‘wellbeing washing’, and how can leaders avoid it?
    In this article from the Australian HRM website, the term and what it may look like in the workplace are considered, along with a 3-stage process to ensure an organisation’s wellbeing efforts are in line with the needs of their employees.


A memorable quote

Close up photo of sunflowers in a field against a hazy blue sky


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson


Until next time ...

a beach tideline with the word rest written on the sand

We always like to finish with a positive story which encourages us to reflect on our own wellbeing. As many of us put our summer break behind us, we hope you’ll find this organisation’s approach as refreshing as we did. As they emphasise, it’s not possible for every place of work but it was for them. They admirably made an idea become reality and this year decided to make it an ‘annual thing'.
Read the story here.


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