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Winter 2022/23 edition of our quarterly workplace wellbeing newsletter

Thanks for dropping in to have a look at the first edition of our workplace wellbeing newsletter in 2023

This edition of our quarterly workplace wellbeing newsletter includes:

  • Details of 2 new courses that we've recently added to our repertoire, plus news of the recently updated course for Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders®) from MHFA England
  • Links to recent blog articles, we also reveal our most read article of 2022
  • A wellbeing tip with suggestions for looking after our mental health this winter
  • Our latest Ask the Expert with trainer Dot Gourlay focusing on aspects of what you can gain from attending a psychological resilience training course


Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders®) now benefit from extra resources and support

MHFA England Instructor member

MHFA England launched their updated course for MHFAiders® last autumn. The new course includes more opportunities to practise having mental health conversations to help learners build their knowledge and confidence to support people with mental health issues in their workplace.

MHFAiders® and those who complete the suggested 3 yearly refresher training, now also benefit from 3 years’ access to the new MHFAider Support App® which offers digital support and training resources to help them stay effective, confident and motivated long after they have completed their course.


NEW courses added to our training course repertoire for 2023

Understanding Vicarious Trauma
A 2-hour workshop which explores the impact on staff who support others with psychological trauma. It will help learners understand the negative effects of vicarious trauma, recognise the signs, and increase awareness of what steps they can take to build resilience and strengthen boundaries to protect their own wellbeing.

Performance and Development Conversations
Learners will discover how to approach conversations, encourage dialogue and feedback, use influencing styles to achieve outcomes, along with skills to handle potentially difficult situations.


Recent articles added to our blog

Suggested resources to help improve listening skills
Listening is rarely taught and thus a skill many of us never truly develop, we have collated a short selection of resources to help improve listening skills.

Dr David Mason Brown - a valued colleague remembered   We pay tribute to this remarkable man whose wellbeing workshops were described as 'life changing' by many who attended them.

Our workplace wellbeing training courses & simple booking process
An overview of the areas we can deliver training to enhance workplace wellbeing, together with details of our simple 5-step booking process.

Education : The value of Stress Management Training for School Leaders & Business Managers
We highlight the areas some recent learners felt were of particular value, the practical tools they will take away, and the importance they expressed of attending such training.


Revealed ... our most read blog article of 2022

Resources to support mental health of employees through Covid and beyond

Our look at Microbreaks and the role they play in resetting our brains back in June was the most read post that we created last year. If you missed it and would like to read our articles as they’re published this year, please follow us on social media.



5 tips to help look after our mental health this winter

People walking in a snowy park with a bright blue sky overhead

During the winter months, decreased exposure to sunlight can leave us with low mood, poor motivation and less energy. We suggest 5 practical tips to help look after our mental health this winter.




Ask The Expert

The word resilience made with wooden letters against a cream background with an abstract wave of green hues across itIn the latest of our Ask the Expert series, trainer Dot Gourlay discusses psychological resilience training. Learn about its value, including how to say 'no' more positively, a common 'lightbulb' moment experienced during courses and how we can keep the momentum going after attending training.



Amanda's Column

Think twice graphic art photo with the w, c and e of the word twice being partly exposed to reveal an h, n and k so it rereads as think

In her latest column for our workplace wellbeing newsletter, Amanda looks to others for inspiration on a topic which appears to be wearing a bit thin ...





5 Helpful Workplace Wellbeing Resources

Our latest round up of external workplace wellbeing resources includes:

  1. A summary of 2021/22 workplace health and safety statistics compiled by the HSE
  2. The findings from a new Inclusion at Work 2022 report by the CIPD in partnership with Reed
  3. A report into accent bias which includes suggestions for employers to tackle this important diversity issue
  4. A conscious language guide from Healthline with inclusive language suggestions to help make the difference between the words we choose to use making people feel included rather than excluded
  5. A quiz to provide insight into how we respond to expectations from ourselves and others

Find out more about these resources here.



Healthy green leaves of a plant with yellow flowers growing up a wooden fence


When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.
Alexander Den Heijer, Inspirational speaker & trainer

Maybe we all need to slow down, to look at our world with fresh eyes and remind ourselves of the wonder of this landscape, before we let what we have slip through our fingers.
Raynor Winn, Long distance walker and writer
(from her book Landlines)



Other short reads which may be of interest

Photo of a person’s hand holding a brown covered well leafed book with stains and the word Stories written across the front

•  Four-day week trial ends and some firms make it permanent
•  How to get better at asking for help at work
•  Speaking up: Challenging microaggressions in the workplace
•  The wellbeing challenges facing HR in 2023
•  Who benefits from a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace?


... and finally ...

A rectangular wooden board tied to a post outside a building with the words Be Kind and a red heart painted on the board's white background

We’ve probably all experienced the benefit we feel when we help someone out. So, we end with an article which suggests 52 acts of kindness for us to try this year with hopefully something included for everyone ... apart from anything else it’s good to be reminded of how much kindness is actually quietly going on all around us.



Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We are always delighted to hear from our readers, so if you would like to share your comments or suggestions with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: training@in-equilibrium.co.uk.

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