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In Equilibrium Newsletter – Late Summer 2021 edition

We hope our latest newsletter will bring some late summer rejuvenation!

Welcome to our late summer newsletter which includes:

  • An account which highlights why one-off Unconscious Bias training for staff isn't enough to change behaviour in the long-term.
  • Links to our recent blog articles which include the topics of kindness in the workplace and the right to disconnect.
  • In a new Ask the Expert video format, trainer Dot Gourlay explains the value of pressure profiling to maximise individual and team wellbeing.
  • Some tips to help stop the recurring cycle of rumination and overthinking.
  • Links to helpful wellbeing in the workplace external resources for managers and staff.
  • We end with a bit of light relief and some reading we found enlightening and inspirational.


The importance of mindset to unconscious bias training engagement

Tarmac and cobbled surface with a pair of feet and a pink "start here" message written in a square box in front of them.

A recently published post highlights the part mindset plays in unconscious bias training engagement.

The post includes content from trainer Dr Karla Benske following her recent positive experience facilitating a series of unconscious bias workshops.

It emphasises why training needs to be a part of an organisation's overall strategy and should not be expected to be a solution in itself.


New Telephone Number

telephoneWe've recently updated our contact details. All our email addresses remain the same but you can find our new telephone number and address on our contact form or at the foot of this post.


Recent articles added to our blog

The right to disconnect and tips for the work/life boundary
Loneliness is not just a personal issue
- The science of wellbeing: a short, live virtual course
Take 10 to settle and calm your mind
Kindness and its role in mental health in the workplace
Returning to work: Anxiety Management and Agoraphobia - a live, virtual course


Tips to help stop the recurring cycle of rumination

Cow ruminatingFollowing a brief definition and explanation of the cycle of rumination, we suggest 5 practical tips to help break the habit of ruminating and overthinking.




Ask The Expert

Cracked ice with snow around edges for pressure profiling Ask the Expert videoIn a change to our Ask the Expert Q&A feature, trainer and consultant Dot Gourlay turns to a 5-minute video format to help address a current team scenario by explaining the value of pressure profiling.




Amanda's Column

Assorted labelled books on white bookshelves

Discovering that all may not have been as it seemed amongst the bookcase backdrops over recent months, sparked a less than flattering memory from Amanda's youth when all was not as it seemed either!





Pile of books beside white printer paper and a black ballpoint pen for newsletter resources


For this edition we have chosen resources covering a range of topics relating to wellbeing at work:



• Sector specific toolkits to help prevent stress from the HSE
• An analysis into the results of two significant Icelandic trials for a shorter working week
• Guidance on hybrid working from ACAS
• LGBTQI+ inclusivity in your organisation - a toolkit from the charity Mental Health at Work
• sources of support and guidance for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace from the Equality and Human Rights Commission



Pink and white flowers in the rain


"Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.
Rumi, Persian Poet
(1207 – 1273)


The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.
  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
Albert Einstein, German-born Theoretical Physicist (1879 – 1955)



Dates for the diary

Friday 10 September
World Suicide Prevention Day
This year’s theme is Creating Hope through Action
Find details about how you can take part here.

Sunday 10 October
World Mental Health Day
This year’s theme is Mental Health in an Unequal World
The Mental Health Foundation have various downloads to support the campaign here.


Other short reads which may be of interest

A sphere shaped miniature of the earth with a pair of googly eyes


A preventative approach to workplace stress and staff burnout
Build resilience and renewal to address your stress
Creating the conditions for thriving at work in small businesses
How leaders get through tough times: Six strategies for building resilience
The pandemic did not affect mental health the way you think
When and how to respond to micro-aggressions




... and finally ...

A man in black suit sitting on brown wooden bench playing the guitar with the open case at his feet.

We’ve been enjoying a series about people pursuing their passions in later life; whether that be indulging in your love of reading by opening a small bookshop, finding a new way to express your emotions as a busker, or getting an insight into how others see you by becoming a life model. If you fancy getting some ideas, or indeed sharing your own story, the series is available here.



Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  We are always delighted to hear from our readers, so if you would like to share your comments or suggestions with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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Recent articles on our blog....

A row of well thumbed cream coloured paper folders

Workplace wellbeing resources – some helpful recent additions

May 16, 2024

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Why we should focus on minimising employee illbeing to aid workplace wellbeing

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This post begins with some research which concludes that efforts to improve wellbeing at work are directed too narrowly. It then goes on to highlight some courses that can help employers looking to minimise employee illbeing in the workplace. They present opportunities to explore strategies that can enhance a culture of psychological safety and trust.

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Moving more at work for our mental health

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In line with the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we offer some simple suggestions for building movement into our working day.

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