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Newsletter 93 – first edition of 2018 includes stress and wellbeing tips


We are enjoying seeing the days gradually lengthening as we leave January behind us for another year. But if you are finding your energy levels flagging and you are looking forward to arriving and leaving work in daylight, our stress and wellbeing tip is for you!

This edition includes:
In Equilibrium News – we introduce a new mental health awareness course, a new trainer and share a recent testimonial
A Stress and Wellbeing Tip – suggesting 5 ways we can boost energy and mood during the winter months
An Ask the Expert – which provides some practical advice in answer to a frequently asked question
External Resources and Articles – covering a range of relevant topics
And Finally – if your thoughts have turned to your summer holiday, read on!


In Equilibrium News

Mental Health First Aid

NEW COURSE Workplace Mental Health First Aid Champions
We have recently introduced a new course to our Mental Health Awareness repertoire. Attendance on this one-day course qualifies you as a MHFA Champion. The day includes a mix of presentations, group discussions & workshop activities and is built around a MHFA Action Plan.


Dr Karla H Benske

NEW TRAINER Dr Karla H. Benske
We’re delighted to welcome Dr Karla Benske to the In Equilibrium training team. Karla is a very experienced coach and trainer and will deliver Equality & Diversity and Overcoming Unconscious Bias training.



Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds, United Kingdom

NEW TESTIMONIAL for Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers
We recently delivered bespoke 3-hour mental health awareness sessions for Plexus Law. The training was very well received by those who attended and has inspired further action planning to compile processes and guidelines, as well as delegates voicing other ideas they would like to explore.


Recent Articles Added To Our Blog

Stress Management BlogMental Health Awareness Training can be stimulating and refreshing

Try developing a resilience skill instead of setting a New Year resolution

Risk Assessment in the Workplace: a priority for psychological as well as physical wellbeing

Intent v Impact – Could I be perceived as a bully?


Stress and Wellbeing Tip

Close up photo of a lit light bulb that has a crack in the glass
If you find keeping your energy levels up in winter is a struggle, this tip could be for you.

Read our Stress and Wellbeing Tip

Read our tips archive


Ask the Expert

White and brown wallclock reading 4.48
For the first Ask the Expert in 2018, we thought we would provide a link to an article by positive psychology researcher, Michelle Gielan, which offers some practical advice and may strike a chord for many …

She answers a question she is regularly asked in the course of her work, “How can I help my partner de-stress?

Read the full article here


Amanda’s Column

Foot of a metal bedstead with clothes folded over it
A recently published study helps Amanda realise that there is a perfectly plausible reason for a habit she’d kept quiet about up until now!

Read Amanda’s Column

The archive of Amanda’s column is available here …



Bookshelves filled with books, some titles the same others differentIn this edition we feature:

A report following recent research which reinforces the link between diversity and company financial performance.

A guide to enhancing wellbeing and managing work stress in the veterinary profession which contains tips which may be useful for many workplaces.

Click here to view this edition’s resources



"Attitude is everything" written on pile of post it notes
“Whether an illness affects your heart, your leg or your brain, it’s still an illness and there should be no distinction.”

Michelle Obama, American lawyer, writer and First Lady of the United States 2009 – 2017, born 1964

“I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.”
Plutarch, Greek Biographer and Essayist, 46AD – 120AD


News from the Outside

A selection of external articles which may be of interest:


…and finally …

Photo of trees in a forest with moss and wood


These Swedish holiday cabins can reduce stress by up to 70%
… according to a new study into how allemansrätten, the freedom to roam, improved the physical and mental wellbeing of the 5 participants with high-stress jobs who each spent 72 hours in one.



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