Newsletter 75 features Anxiety – March/April 2014

Newsletter 75 features Anxiety – March/April 2014

Posted by Amanda Furness

Welcome to the Spring 2014 edition of In Equilibrium.

The highlights of this edition include:

  • News about a new In Equilibrium course
  • A stress tip to help with those events you dread
  • An Ask the Expert which offers practical advice to someone suffering from social anxiety
  • Are you a worrier or could you be suffering from GAD?  An extract from our Mental Health Awareness for Managers course will explain the difference
  • A link to an article which reveals our Prime Minister’s top downtime tips


In Equilibrium News

New Employee Training Course

To complement our popular course for managers, we have recently introduced a one day Mental Heath Awareness for all  Employees training course.

Management Training and Employee Training
Ever thought you’d like to see a summary of the courses we offer within these two categories?  We have recently created two new pages on our blog to address this question.

Switching Off After Work
We have a growing series of tips on our blog to help you find some useful techniques.

Stress Management Tip

If you’ve got a one-to-one, presentation or social event coming up which you’re privately dreading, our latest tip could be right up your street.

Read our stress management tip here
View our stress management tip archive here

Ask The Expert on Social Anxiety

We answer a question from a reader who is suffering from social anxiety.

“Ever since I walked into my work canteen and a table full of people burst out laughing while seemingly looking straight at me, I have become more and more anxious in social situations.  I am quite a shy person and had only recently started my new job.  Six months on, although I still meet friends on a one to one basis, I now dread every lunchtime and invitations to social events.  It really is starting to have an impact on my life but I find it an embarrassing topic to talk to anyone about.  Is there any advice you could offer?”

We provide some practical advice and reassurance to our reader who is far from alone in her suffering.  Read our answer here…

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Amanda’s Column

Amanda is flabbergasted by a statistic she read recently.

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In this edition we featured an extract from our Mental Health Awareness for Managers course about understanding General Anxiety Disorder and some top tips from Investors in People on how to create a good workplace culture.  Click here to view this edition’s resources…


“Obviously I have a capacity for feeling extreme anxiety, and there are people out there who don’t.  I’m to some extent rather jealous of them.”
Mark Haddon
(born 1962)
Writer, Illustrator

“If we only wanted to be happy it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people, which is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are.”
(1689 – 1755)
French Political Philosopher

News from the Outside

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  • The possible causes of workplace harassment
  • Why Global leaders are including wellbeing in their definition of success
  • Why we find commuting so stressful
  • Knowing the signs of stress and avoiding burnout
  • The Prime Minister’s top downtime tips


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