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Switch Off After Work

Switch on or off from work

Stress Management Tips : How to Switch Off After Work

By Amanda Furness | 25 March 2016

An article which explains the benefits to you and your organisation when you are able to switch off after work. It provides links to the series of 6 articles on our blog which give hints & tips to help you switch off after work.

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Unplugged-switch off

Switching Off After Work: Get Unplugged

By Jan Lawrence | 30 May 2014

  In this series of articles we are suggesting ways to switch off after work and so we are assuming that if you are reading this, switching off is something of a challenge for you at the moment. Many of us think that our jobs require us to be available at all times of the day…

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Boundaries at work - 2 colleagues drinking in bar

Switching Off After Work: Boundaries

By Jan Lawrence | 23 May 2014

A brief article about creating clear boundaries around socialising with colleagues after work and making sure you ring fence some leisure time to have with friends not connected with work.

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Sharpen the mind

Switching Off after Work: Relaxation Techniques

By Jan Lawrence | 25 April 2014

An article outlining the various relaxation techniques which can be used to help you to switch off after work. Includes deep breathing, progressive relaxation and visualisations.

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Switching Off After Work : Tips to distract yourself

By Amanda Furness | 21 April 2014

Another in our series of blogs looking at how you can switch off after work. This time we offer some tips on how you can distract yourself in order to turn your mind away from work matters during your personal time.

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Door opening to the outside

Switching Off After Work : The importance of taking breaks

By Amanda Furness | 04 March 2014

A reminder and explanation of why taking breaks during the working day helps you to maintain your personal wellbeing and job performance.

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Negative thinking

Switching Off After Work: Stop thinking about unfinished tasks

By Jan Lawrence | 28 February 2014

  The memory naturally retains unfinished tasks The memory tends to cling to incomplete tasks more than completed ones.  This naturally encourages us to keep in mind that which we still need to do. The so-called Zeigarnik Effect is a phenomenon discovered by a Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik.  In 1927 she was sitting in a…

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Hiking Boots

These boots are made for walking

By Amanda Furness | 30 October 2013

The results of some recent research has given us good reason to get out and about

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Owl looking wise

Ask The Expert : What changes could I make to my lifestyle which would help reduce my blood pressure?

By Amanda Furness | 23 April 2013

We answer a question from a reader who has requested some lifestyle tips to help reduce their blood pressure.

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Sleeping mask

How to Sleep Better

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2012

Achieving good quality sleep is just a dream for many in the current 24/7 culture, this article provides some useful tips on how to get to sleep and to sleep better.

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