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Tips for overcoming a culture of false urgency at work

By Amanda Furness | 08 February 2024

For our latest wellbeing at work tip, we look at some signs that a culture of false urgency may exist followed by suggested tips to overcome it for individuals, managers and team leaders.

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Communication at work – be aware of the pitfalls of co-rumination

By Amanda Furness | 01 November 2023

We offer 5 tips for helping to develop healthy interactions at work in order to increase wellbeing and avoid co-rumination.

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Stress management tip – Overcoming limiting beliefs

By Amanda Furness | 25 April 2023

Learning to spot limiting beliefs, challenge them and reframe them can be used to great effect individually, as well as by leaders and managers to create a more harmonious and healthy workplace culture with benefits for performance.

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Managing Burnout – some actions to restore energy

By Jan Lawrence | 18 May 2022

One aspect of our Managing Burnout virtual course is to explore the practical actions that can be taken to restore energy levels. This post contains an infographic which illustrates some ideas.

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Wellbeing at work – what are the signs of burnout to look out for?

By Amanda Furness | 22 November 2021

With a reported rise of more than 200% in searches for the phrase ‘signs of burnout’ in the past 3 months, this post includes some suggestions employers and individuals can consider in order to help improve wellbeing at work and keep burnout at bay.

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Silhouette of a suited man carrying a briefcase and running between office buildings

Acute, Episodic and Chronic Stress – What’s the difference?

By Amanda Furness | 09 April 2021

A look at the differences between acute, episodic and chronic stress, with a reminder of the stress response, common stress symptoms and some tips for recovery from stress.

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Quick calming approaches to relieve anxiety

By Amanda Furness | 02 February 2021

The tips in our Winter 2020/21 newsletter include 3 different approaches to relieve anxiety and help restore feelings of calm.

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A simple framework for supporting staff during the pandemic

By Jan Lawrence | 23 January 2021

The CUSP framework can be applied to any situation where pressure is present, particularly useful during the pandemic. What it does is get you thinking about your options in a structured way. There are always options because the experience of stress is individual and depends largely on perceptions. If you can change or influence someone’s perceptions, the way they think about a situation, then the stress can be prevented or reduced.

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Wellbeing Tip of lit up words in white against a black background, Think about things differently, with the last word written upside down

Wellbeing Tip – How to increase your motivation and lift your mood

By Amanda Furness | 30 October 2020

The wellbeing tip featured in our Autumn newsletter suggests a simple yet effective way to reflect on your progress each day.

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Young woman working on a laptop in a domestic kitchen

Ask the Expert: How do I recognise and manage stress in remote team members

By Amanda Furness | 22 July 2020

In answer to our latest Ask the Expert question, specialist trainer Sue Butterfield offers practical advice and tips in recognising and managing stress.

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