Newsletter 98 – Discover the importance of developing a growth mindset

Newsletter 98 – Discover the importance of developing a growth mindset

Posted by Amanda Furness


A warm welcome to our first newsletter of 2019, we hope the year has started well for you.

This issue includes:

    • Details of our new Growth Mindset Course
    • Gaslighting in the workplace and other recent blog articles
    • A mental wellbeing tip
    • Using Mindset Theory to Guide Success – a guest article
    • Some relevant resources
    • Why you might want to get those vocal chords in orders


News and recent articles


Equilibrium News


We’ve recently given our course landing pages a crisp new look. You can access them from our homepage by clicking on any of our subject area headers along the top menu.



A clear lightbulb with a small plant growing inside it, sitting on stony earth


New Course – Developing a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Find out about the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset, the benefits of developing a growth mindset culture in the workplace and what you can expect if you book our new course.



Stress Management Blog

Recent articles added to our blog:

Gaslighting – What it is & 10 tips to consider if you encounter it at work
A taste of the European destinations where we delivered training in 2018
A round-up of our soft skills training courses for 2019



Mental Health & Wellbeing Tip

A brown ceramic plate with a smiley face made out of green peas.
Our latest tip may be a bit of a tongue twister but certainly provides some food for thought!

Read our latest tip – Mood for food or food for mood?

Visit our tips archive


Guest Article

A sign with the words Reach for the, beside a blue neon illuminated light in the shape of a crescent moon.

Using Mindset Theory to Drive Success
Specialist trainer and corporate coach, Michelle Spirit, takes a look at mindset theory.  She outlines how training and development can help build growth mindsets with resulting benefits for both individuals and the organisation.



Amanda’s Column

Photo taken from behind of someone jumping in the air on a wooded path with a blurry blue sea and sky on the horizon.


Why you shouldn’t knock it till you’ve tried it … a recent present leads to a voyage of discovery for Amanda.




An assorted mechanical toolkit neatly laid out on a wooden workbench.View the resources featured in this edition:

– A talking toolkit to help prevent work-related stress
– A sleep and recovery toolkit
– An interactive tool for understanding stress
– Guidance for first aid needs assessment now includes mental as well as physical health



Green forest sceneYou don’t know what your abilities are until you make a full commitment to developing them.
Carol Dweck, Psychologist, born 1946

You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.
from Winne-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne, British Author, 1882 -1956


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Man sitting cross legged on a stool reading a broadsheet newspaper the top of which is on fire
How to enhance emotional resilience in the workplace
Wellbeing schemes face measurement and funding hurdles
Emotional Intelligence: The EAR approach
The unbearable heaviness of clutter
Burnout, stress lead more companies to try 4-day working week


… and finally …

Music sheet in a red folder with choir members in background


New research has explored the benefits that being a member of a workplace choir can bring to both its members and the organisation. We couldn’t find any mention of whether it’s necessary to be able to sing!
If you feel inspired, this article from the BBC has some handy tips on setting up a workplace choir.


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