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Managing Stress at Work : Reducing Pressure

By Jan Lawrence | 05 January 2012

In seeking to prevent stress, the aim is not to reduce pressure for the sake of it. The right amount of pressure can be motivating and good for both health and performance. However, excessive pressure or demands will cause stress, especially when the pressure is unremitting or ‘chronic.

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Managing Stress at Work: Tips for Providing Support

By Jan Lawrence | 29 July 2011

Taken from our one day Stress Management Training for Managers course these tips give managers a framework for providing support to their team.

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Managing Stress at Work: Uncertainty Reducers

By Jan Lawrence | 07 October 2010

As uncertainty increases so do feelings of anxiety and insecurity. This increases the risk of stress. Approaches that reduce uncertainty and ambiguity reduce the risk substantially. Many of these approaches involve communication and decision making. Reducing uncertainty is particularly important in times of organisational change when the risk of stress is high.

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Managing Stress at Work: Introduction to the CUSP™ framework for Managers

By Jan Lawrence | 06 July 2009

This is a very simple framework that works equally as well in terms of prevention of stress …

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CUSP™ Control Enablers

By Jan Lawrence | 12 June 2008

Research and experience tells us that if you can:

Enable increased perception of control;
Reduce uncertainty, and the associated anxiety and insecurity;
Provide support, especially in highly pressurised or stressful situations;
Tackle sources of pressure (stressors) in your work area…
..then you will minimise the risk of stress-related illness and increase wellbeing and performance at work.

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