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Ask the Expert: What can I expect from psychological resilience training?

By Amanda Furness | 19 January 2023

Trainer Dot Gourlay discusses psychological resilience training. Learn about its value, including how to say ‘no’ more positively, a common ‘lightbulb’ moment experienced during courses and how we can keep the momentum going after attending a psychological resilience training course.

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Ask the Expert: A Q&A providing resilience tips for hybrid work

By Amanda Furness | 16 September 2022

In a series of 3 short videos, trainer Dot Gourlay discusses some resilience tips for those trying to successfully manage remote and hybrid work.

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Hazy close up photo of light coloured grasses for Take 10 to settle and calm your mind

Take 10 to settle and calm your mind

By Amanda Furness | 11 June 2021

In this post we include a 10-minute video in which trainer Karen Barr gently guides us though a short exercise to help calm our minds and reduce the chatter in our heads. There are also links to some other helpful articles, details about our mindfulness training and feedback comments from those who have experienced it.

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Resilience and Adversity

Resilience and the Adversities of Life

By Jan Lawrence | 26 October 2020

Resilience is the human capacity to face, overcome, and be strengthened by, and even be transformed by experiences of adversity. This short blog describes what resilience is and also considers the difference between resilience and resistance.

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Examples of the key characteristics of a resilient manager

By Amanda Furness | 06 April 2020

A definition of resilience together with an overview of the key characteristics which will be displayed by a resilient manager.

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Circle chart showing the feelings/effects of receiving an extra task to an already full workload

Emotional resilience to break the stress cycle

By Amanda Furness | 10 August 2018

A look at a common workplace scenario and the part emotional resilience skills can play in helping you cope better during such a challenging time.

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Resilience at work

Resilience at Work

By Jan Lawrence | 05 May 2017

The value of resilience at work is now well recognised, helping individuals cope better with changing priorities, tight deadlines & heavy workloads. Anyone has the capacity to learn to be more resilient, developing habits to thrive in challenging conditions. This article suggests 4 tips to help increase your resilience at work.

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Microsteps to resilience

Microsteps to Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 22 February 2017

We may be stronger in our levels of personal resilience at certain points in our lives more than others.  This is dependent on a whole range of factors but there are certain behaviours which contribute to our resilience levels and, as we are always reiterating, resilience can be learned! In this blog post we wanted to…

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build resilience

Build Resilience – Infographic

By Jan Lawrence | 02 September 2016

Our Resilience Infographic includes a section on the benefits of building resilience demonstrating why it is a great skill to have in today’s changing environment.  It also provides some facts about learning resilience and reasons why this key life skill is worth some time investment. Please share  if you find it useful. Details about our…

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Resilience Skills : Use our acrostic to improve your social support network

By Amanda Furness | 20 January 2016

A short article within our series of Resilience Skills A-Z : Definitions of the terms used, uses an acrostic of the word Network to suggest ways in which you can improve your social support network.

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