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Being comfortable with silence – a skill worth developing?

By Amanda Furness | 16 September 2022

Many of our tips include the benefits of communication and expressing our feelings. In this article, we think about the value being comfortable with silence can play in our lives.

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Tips to help stop the recurring cycle of rumination and overthinking

By Amanda Furness | 01 September 2021

If you are prone to brooding over conversations or situations you found challenging, here are 5 tips which may help break the cycle of rumination..

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Read me, Think about me, Watch me … 3 resilience tips

By Amanda Furness | 18 December 2020

Some resilience tips in differing formats to suit a variety of preferences – a short article to read, a visual quote to think about and an engaging video to watch.

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Try developing a resilience skill instead of setting a New Year resolution

By Amanda Furness | 12 January 2018

A brief look at why people are becoming sceptical about setting New Year resolutions. A 4-step exercise is outlined to help develop a resilience skill which may make setting and keeping resolutions, or reaching a goal, more successful in future.

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Resilience and the Growth Mindset

By Jan Lawrence | 25 September 2017

A look at what a growth mindset is and how it differs from a fixed mindset, the part grit and resilience play plus 5 tips to encourage growth mindset thinking.

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Microsteps to resilience

Microsteps to Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 22 February 2017

We may be stronger in our levels of personal resilience at certain points in our lives more than others.  This is dependent on a whole range of factors but there are certain behaviours which contribute to our resilience levels and, as we are always reiterating, resilience can be learned! In this blog post we wanted to…

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build resilience

Build Resilience – Infographic

By Jan Lawrence | 02 September 2016

Our Resilience Infographic includes a section on the benefits of building resilience demonstrating why it is a great skill to have in today’s changing environment.  It also provides some facts about learning resilience and reasons why this key life skill is worth some time investment. Please share  if you find it useful. Details about our…

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A team having a meeting at work

How to Develop Team Resilience

By Amanda Furness | 31 March 2016

A short article highlighting six areas which can benefit team resilience and thus help the team to thrive during periods of challenge and adversity.

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Resilience Skills : The importance of having a growth mind-set

By Amanda Furness | 26 January 2016

A short article which looks at the importance of having a growth mind-set, staying power, perseverance, hardiness and grit when considering resilience skills.

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Resilience Skills : Self-talk, 3 tips to make yours work for you rather than against you

By Amanda Furness | 20 January 2016

Part of our series of posts within our Resilience Skills A-Z : Definitions of the terms used, this short article offers 3 tips which can be used to help improve your self-talk and achieve the benefits positive self-talk can bring.

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