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Ask the Expert: Can unconscious bias training change behaviour?

By Amanda Furness | 02 February 2021

In our latest Ask the Expert Q&A, corporate trainer and coach Dr Karla Benske provides some clarity and sets expectations with regards to the effectiveness of Unconscious Bias training.

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Workplace Mindfulness Initiatives – why the words you use matter

By Amanda Furness | 14 June 2019

Why the approach taken, course title and description all need careful consideration if workplace mindfulness initiatives are to succeed.

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Why Mondays may make a good training day

By Amanda Furness | 23 June 2017

Recent feedback from participants attending a Developing Personal Resilience training course suggests that Monday’s might be a good day to consider when planning a training day.

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Training Provider

Training Provider

By Jan Lawrence | 29 September 2016

As a corporate training provider working throughout the UK we welcome enquiries from organisations of all sizes and sectors.

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Winter Training Locations

By Amanda Furness | 15 April 2016

In this post we provide a snapshot of some of the places where our trainers have delivered in-house courses during the Winter of 2015/16.

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How Resilience Training can benefit Organisational Change

By Amanda Furness | 23 March 2016

This article looks at how In Equilibrium’s resilience training can be used during periods of organisational change to help managers and staff respond positively to the pressures and demands which result.

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Mindfulness Programme

Would you and your organisation benefit from a Mindfulness Programme?

By Amanda Furness | 22 January 2016

We have recently introduced a Mindfulness Programme which offers many benefits to both the participants and the organisation. The programme is led by Karen Barr who has a MSc in Mindfulness and delivers her programmes in accordance with the guidelines set out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teaching.

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Short Courses London

NEW – Short courses now available

By Amanda Furness | 07 April 2015

We have recently introduced four short, 90 minute, courses within the London area which are particularly suited to a lunch-time session or as part of a training day and will help to promote awareness of a range of health and wellbeing topics to your workforce.

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half-day training courses

Half-day training courses

By Jan Lawrence | 23 February 2015

Although a full-day training course will always be more beneficial for both the individual delegate and their organisation, there are occasions when a bespoke half-day training course offers a viable solution. Please call Alastair Taylor on 0131 476 5027 for further details.

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Working with housing associations

By Amanda Furness | 25 November 2014

As we like to know as much as we can about our client base, in this article we tried to find out why housing associations regularly feature so highly in the 100 best not-for-profit organisations to work for lists.

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