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Resilience at Work

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Resilience at work : Internal v external locus of control & other terms unravelled

By Amanda Furness | 25 February 2022

We pose 3 questions to help explain some resilience terms that can cause confusion but are all relevant to resilience at work.

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Help your team thrive in times of ambiguity and change

By Amanda Furness | 11 December 2020

A look at the resilience skills a leader can demonstrate together with 3 leadership behaviours that can help a team thrive in times of ambiguity and change.

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New course – Developing a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

By Amanda Furness | 18 January 2019

We have introduced a one-day course to help participants understand the power of developing a growth mindset and the practical ways it is possible to cultivate this in themselves.

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Mental health and resilience in the veterinary profession

By Amanda Furness | 02 November 2017

A look at the statistics, the possible explanations & the importance of increasing awareness of mental health and resilience in the veterinary profession.

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Building the Case for Mindfulness Training featured in Newsletter Resources

By Amanda Furness | 18 September 2017

Our late summer newsletter featured a report about why empathy may be an important tool for managers, plus a resource to help build the case for mindfulness in the workplace.

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Understanding and Developing Personal & Team Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 14 March 2017

We were delighted with recent feedback from District Council delegates after spending half a day on a tailored “Understanding and Developing Personal & Team Resilience” training course.

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Microsteps to resilience

Microsteps to Resilience

By Jan Lawrence | 22 February 2017

We may be stronger in our levels of personal resilience at certain points in our lives more than others.  This is dependent on a whole range of factors but there are certain behaviours which contribute to our resilience levels and, as we are always reiterating, resilience can be learned! In this blog post we wanted to…

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Resilience Training for A Conservation Charity

By Jan Lawrence | 21 December 2016

“I found this course particularly useful for dealing with the current change programme” For the last 3 years we have been providing Personal Resilience training for a conservation charity which is going through many changes. In the most recent course 100% of delegates gave the trainer the highest mark for professionalism and knowledge of subject and 100% gave the highest mark for the training course meeting expectations, interactivity and participation levels.

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District Council Resilience

District Council Resilience Feedback

By Jan Lawrence | 20 December 2016

After providing training in Resilience for Managers at a District Council we were pleased to read on their post-course feedbacks about what they would do differently on their return to work.

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4 ways your work could benefit from resilience training

By Amanda Furness | 22 August 2016

A short article which provides 4 learning outcomes you could expect from attending our Developing Personal Resilience training course together with some quotes illustrating the benefits previous delegates have discovered.

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