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No people in an office which contains several workstations with flat screen computer monitors on brown wooden desks.

Digital wellbeing – how we can help ourselves & how employers can help us

By Amanda Furness | 01 August 2023

Do you ever return from holiday and find your head aches by the end of your first day back at work? In this post, we provide a reminder of how our screen time can impact our emotional and physical health with effects to our productivity and stress levels. With this in mind, we then provide a few suggestions for helping ourselves and others to invest in healthy digital wellbeing.

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Textured rug background with FACTS acronym giving 5 actions for good mental health

FACTS – an acronym for good mental health in difficult times

By Amanda Furness | 23 November 2020

5 actions we can take each day to boost our mental health during these difficult times, along with an explanation of their value and some further reading links to help embed them into our daily lives.

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Man in a red polo shirt in front of a blackboard holding up a finger as though he's had a good idea

Self-care Tip: Have you tried the mental subtraction of positive events?

By Amanda Furness | 22 July 2020

A short exercise that we can add to our self-care routine. It helps us to stop and appreciate what we have rather than taking events in our life for granted, something research suggests can lead to us being happier and healthier.

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Self-care Tip : Giving and receiving, it’s a matter of balance

By Amanda Furness | 07 November 2019

Research shows that giving can be an important part of our self-care routine but, like so many other things, it’s a matter of getting the balance right.

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Desk stretch

Are you a desk jockey looking to improve your health?

By Amanda Furness | 10 March 2017

We all know that sitting for long periods of time has negative effects on our health. So for desk jockeys everywhere, here are a few exercise plan suggestions some of which are suitable to practice at your workstation whilst others are for during a break or at home.

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Resilience Skills : Is self-care an indulgence or an essential part of resilience?

By Amanda Furness | 18 November 2015

A brief article looking at the difference between self-care habits & self-indulgence, explaining why healthy self-care habits play an essential part in becoming resilient.

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Newsletter Articles – super foods for stress relief, mental illness on the job and others

By Amanda Furness | 23 July 2015

A look at the external articles which featured in the Summer 2015 edition of our bi-monthly newsletter “In Equilibrium”.

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Demonstrating empathy in the workplace. multi-coloured outline of a head with various other white outlined heads filtering into it.

Resilience Skills : The importance of demonstrating empathy in the workplace

By Amanda Furness | 18 June 2015

A short resilience article which looks at the benefits which can be achieved for both employees and the organisation if managers learn to demonstrate empathy in the workplace.

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Resilience Skills : Boundaries and their importance in your life

By Amanda Furness | 01 June 2015

A short article which looks at personal boundaries – what they are, why they are important and the benefits which may result if you decide to set them, practice them and use them in your life.

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Happy New Year Resolutions?

By Amanda Furness | 12 January 2015

In the first blog post of 2015, In Equilibrium look at the figures behind New Year resolutions and offer some alternative suggestions for improving your wellbeing.

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