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Photo of a false widow spider preying on a trapped moth for benefits mindfulness post

How a zookeeper and a mindfulness teacher changed lives within 2.5 hours

By Amanda Furness | 21 December 2023

For our final post of 2023, we share one of the more unusual requests we received this year. It was a project that was an honour to be involved in and one which practically illustrates the benefits mindfulness can bring.

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Hazy close up photo of light coloured grasses for Take 10 to settle and calm your mind

Take 10 to settle and calm your mind

By Amanda Furness | 11 June 2021

In this post we include a 10-minute video in which trainer Karen Barr gently guides us though a short exercise to help calm our minds and reduce the chatter in our heads. There are also links to some other helpful articles, details about our mindfulness training and feedback comments from those who have experienced it.

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A hovering red kite - How would learning mindful techniques benefit my performance at work?

Ask the Expert: How would learning mindful techniques benefit my performance at work?

By Amanda Furness | 30 October 2020

Specialist trainer and executive coach, Karen Barr explains what mindfulness is and the benefits of adopting a mindfulness practice into your life in answer to our latest Ask the Expert question.

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A printed page underneath some shallow water and a water droplet forming rings on the surface

Workplace Mindfulness Initiatives – why the words you use matter

By Amanda Furness | 14 June 2019

Why the approach taken, course title and description all need careful consideration if workplace mindfulness initiatives are to succeed.

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Newspapers stuck in a park bench

Building the Case for Mindfulness Training featured in Newsletter Resources

By Amanda Furness | 18 September 2017

Our late summer newsletter featured a report about why empathy may be an important tool for managers, plus a resource to help build the case for mindfulness in the workplace.

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Mindful Safety

Mindful Safety

By Jan Lawrence | 14 July 2017

An enlightening look at the role mindful safety can play in increasing focus & concentration and aid health and safety in the workplace.

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Developing Mindfulness to Increase Resilience

By Amanda Furness | 07 April 2017

A brief look at how developing mindfulness practice can increase resilience and the benefits that a blended training course can bring to individuals, teams & organisations.

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The approach state – moving towards challenges using mindfulness

By Jan Lawrence | 10 February 2017

A blog post highlighting some of the excellent points made in the article “The healing power of mindfulness”, which consisted of a discussion between mindfulness experts.

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Apps for resilience, mindfulness and mental health

By Jan Lawrence | 02 February 2017

An article outlining recommended apps for mental health, resilience and mindfulness – a brief description about each app and a link for further information.

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Ask the Expert : Why should I choose an accredited mindfulness teacher?

By Amanda Furness | 27 January 2017

Certified Trainer and Executive Coach, Karen Barr, highlights the importance of choosing an accredited mindfulness teacher

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