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Don’t let Leaveism thrive – Some Practical Tips to Reduce it

By Jan Lawrence | 22 April 2019

What is leaveism? This short article provides a definition, some ideas an organisation can try in order to reduce it, along with some practical tips for employees and a warning for leaders.

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Sara-Rawstron- Expert Trainer

Ask the Expert : Should I leave to regain my work-life balance?

By Amanda Furness | 11 December 2015

Executive Coach and HR Specialist on Employee Wellbeing, Sara Rawstron, helps a reader to consider all his options following a bereavement which led him to reassess his role at work and the demands it places on him.

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Ask the Expert : My personal commitments are affecting my relationships at work

By Amanda Furness | 17 July 2015

In Equilibrium trainer Karen Barr, offers some clear, practical advice to a reader who has asked for some help regarding the effect their personal commitments and demands are having on their relationships in the workplace

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Newsletter Articles – Stress Savers and Avoid Burnout

By Amanda Furness | 17 November 2014

A look at the external articles which featured in the November/December 2014 edition of our bi-monthly newsletter “In Equilibrium”.

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Sharpen the mind

Articles – Tips to Relieve Stress and Keep Your Mind Sharp

By Amanda Furness | 09 September 2014

A look at the external articles which featured in the Late Summer 2014 edition of our bi-monthly newsletter “In Equilibrium”.

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Newsletter Resources – Managing Stress and Work Life Balance

By Amanda Furness | 30 May 2014

Here are links to the resources which featured in the Early Summer 2014 edition of our newsletter “In Equilibrium”, for the areas of managing stress at work and encouraging a good work life balance.

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Switching Off After Work: Get Unplugged

By Jan Lawrence | 30 May 2014

  In this series of articles we are suggesting ways to switch off after work and so we are assuming that if you are reading this, switching off is something of a challenge for you at the moment. Many of us think that our jobs require us to be available at all times of the day…

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Ask The Expert : Work has gradually taken over my life

By Amanda Furness | 26 May 2014

Fiona McLaren provides several practical solutions to the situation our reader finds himself in … his life has become all work and no play.

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Employee Training

By Jan Lawrence | 10 March 2014

As it is accepted that training aimed at minimising the risk of stress and enhancing wellbeing results in many benefits for an organisation and its workforce, this page gives a brief synopsis of the in-house courses offered by In Equilibrium which are suitable for employee training.

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Lifestyle Management – In-house training

By Jan Lawrence | 27 September 2010

A case study about work carried out for a large multinational company featuring the Lifestyle Management Course

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