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Spring 2024 newsletter includes a movement tip & other resources

By Amanda Furness | 28 May 2024

The latest edition of our quarterly workplace wellbeing newsletter includes a movement tip for working hours and many other resources.

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Workplace wellbeing resources – some helpful recent additions

By Amanda Furness | 16 May 2024

Our latest collection of external resources to help workplace wellbeing includes guidance and recommendations relating to a range of topics – autism employment, ensuring EDI is for everyone, information sharing in mental health emergencies at work, menopause in the workplace and women at work.

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They may not be apple or key lime, but Ted Pies can really help your communication skills

By Amanda Furness | 22 March 2024

In this article, we include a visual illustrating what the acronym Ted Pies stands for and look at how it can be used to benefit workplace wellbeing.

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Winter newsletter has tips to boost workplace wellbeing

By Amanda Furness | 13 February 2024

The latest edition of our quarterly newsletter aims to boost workplace wellbeing with tips, resources and a story to warm your heart.

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Some helpful resources for wellbeing at work

By Amanda Furness | 08 February 2024

Our latest pick of external resources includes a compassion at work toolkit, annual work-related ill health statistics, a survey into workplace adjustments for disabled employees, and a report looking into supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

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Sympathy, Empathy & Compassion at work – what’s the difference?

By Amanda Furness | 24 January 2024

A look at the differences between sympathy, empathy and compassion, and the effects of displaying each trait in the workplace on both the recipient and provider. Also included is a short collection of resources for those who would like to know more about the need for and benefits of leading with compassion in the workplace.

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Autumn 2023 Newsletter includes tips for Stress Awareness Week

By Amanda Furness | 01 November 2023

For Stress Awareness Week, the autumn edition of our quarterly wellbeing at work newsletter includes stress management tips and resources.

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Some resources to help health, wellbeing and inclusion at work

By Amanda Furness | 01 November 2023

Included in our latest pick of external resources are details of a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace code of practice and a guide on recruiting neurodiverse candidates.

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Creating a great workplace – ensure team psychological safety

By Amanda Furness | 10 October 2023

What exactly is team psychological safety and how does building it in the workplace benefit individuals, those who lead them and the organisation as a whole … we offer a 5min read to help you find out.

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Workplace wellbeing newsletter – Summer 2023 edition

By Amanda Furness | 08 August 2023

The Summer edition of our quarterly workplace wellbeing newsletter includes our latest mental health awareness training case study, digital wellbeing tips, links to recent relevant resources, and more.

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