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Managers Managing Wellbeing

Social health and its importance to us and our workplace

By Amanda Furness | 29 June 2023

A look at perhaps the most difficult of the pillars of health wellbeing to measure, social health. We explore the benefits good social health brings to individuals and organisations together with some tips for creating social health opportunities in the workplace.

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Menopause – why it is a workplace wellbeing issue

By Amanda Furness | 18 October 2022

A look at how menopause can affect workplace wellbeing together with some helpful resources for both individuals and those supporting employee wellbeing at work.

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The Right to Disconnect & tips for the work/life boundary

By Amanda Furness | 21 July 2021

The debate around a right to disconnect is gaining momentum – we take a look at the potential benefits and drawbacks, consider the root causes, and offer 3 tips for making the work/life boundary clearer.

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Don’t let Leaveism thrive – Some Practical Tips to Reduce it

By Jan Lawrence | 22 April 2019

What is leaveism? This short article provides a definition, some ideas an organisation can try in order to reduce it, along with some practical tips for employees and a warning for leaders.

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Ask the Expert : How can an organisation support staff to increase their wellbeing?

By Amanda Furness | 23 November 2018

Trainer, Dot Gourlay, suggests practical ways to increase wellbeing by supporting personal health awareness & promoting supportive team working practices.

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Mental Health Awareness Training can be stimulating & refreshing

By Amanda Furness | 26 January 2018

A look at how Mental Health Awareness Training for managers can improve both their and their team’s wellbeing and confidence in light of recent research carried out by the Chartered Management Institute.

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Recommendations from an Evaluation of Mental Health Awareness Training

By Jan Lawrence | 19 December 2016

After Manager Mental Wellbeing Training, Line managers feel more confident in supporting colleagues. This blog article links to the report & recommendations.

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CIPD Conference Manchester 2016

By Jan Lawrence | 25 November 2016

Jan Lawrence reflects on her attendance at this year’s CIPD Conference with website links she has found post-conference to some of her highlights.

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Ask the Expert : My personal commitments are affecting my relationships at work

By Amanda Furness | 17 July 2015

In Equilibrium trainer Karen Barr, offers some clear, practical advice to a reader who has asked for some help regarding the effect their personal commitments and demands are having on their relationships in the workplace

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Sharpen the mind

Articles – Tips to Relieve Stress and Keep Your Mind Sharp

By Amanda Furness | 09 September 2014

A look at the external articles which featured in the Late Summer 2014 edition of our bi-monthly newsletter “In Equilibrium”.

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