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Switching Off after Work: Relaxation Techniques

By Jan Lawrence | 25 April 2014

An article outlining the various relaxation techniques which can be used to help you to switch off after work. Includes deep breathing, progressive relaxation and visualisations.

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Sleeping mask

How to Sleep Better

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2012

Achieving good quality sleep is just a dream for many in the current 24/7 culture, this article provides some useful tips on how to get to sleep and to sleep better.

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Do you want to increase your energy at work?

By Jan Lawrence | 21 October 2010

Energy versus time
The relationship between time and energy is a funny one – have you ever been totally focused on something and so productive that you have achieved a lot in a very short space of time?

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By Jan Lawrence | 11 November 2009

Tweet You can listen to our Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques podcasts using the links below:     CUSP: Stress Management Training for Managers-Podcast A good working climate is one where stress is largely prevented.  While we cannot, in all likelihood, eliminate all stress, much of it could be prevented.  In this podcast Dot Gourlay…

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