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Conflict Resolution Training Courses

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Dealing with a difficult employee

By Jan Lawrence | 29 February 2012

Dealing with a difficult employee
If you are in some kind of difficulty with a certain person or situation, then this exercise can help you have some insight into the perspective or point of view of that other person.

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Difficult Conversations

By Jan Lawrence | 27 January 2011

This article includes a formula which can be a useful guide in times when you need to have difficult conversations or deal with challenging behaviours.

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Ask The Expert : What can you do when one party will not engage in conflict resolution?

By Amanda Furness | 27 August 2010

Question Conflict resolution depends on all parties involved volunteering to take part. Do you have any advice on what to do when one party will not engage? Answer This is a very interesting question and for me speaks to the heart of an equally important question “What do we mean by conflict resolution?”  Answering this…

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Is conflict resolution relevant to me?

By Jan Lawrence | 31 May 2010

Yes, if you are experiencing a work situation that isnt flourishing. Also remember that conflict is happening in ourselves when we are not flourishing. And key to this are the judgements and evaluations we form about ourselves and others….

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Andy Mason – Conflict Resolution

By Jan Lawrence | 25 November 2009

“Apologies for not getting back to you earlier, this mobile works 3kms into the ancient city of Petrah in Jordan but not that well in Hove!”  Andy Mason has just completed a four-month-in twelve project in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.  He was involved with training and coaching managers and staff from Terre des Hommes, UNHCR,…

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