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Healthy Working Relationships

Mindfulness - Blog

Mindfulness in the Workplace

By Amanda Furness | 21 November 2014

An article which looks at the benefits mindfulness training can bring for an organisation as well as to the workplace as a whole.

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Cultivating Effective Work Relationships

By Jan Lawrence | 07 September 2009

Article by Angela Brown

When it comes to cultivating effective working relationships winning teams measure their success by looking at the overall health of their team’s relationships.

This article outlines why and how you can develop a healthy working relationship with colleagues.

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Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman

By Jan Lawrence | 30 August 2008

This is the original, classic book on Emotional Intelligence. As someone who has never considered himself as being over endowed with conventional intelligence, I found this book answered many questions for me. Goleman explains how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can, at the end of the day, be more powerful than conventional IQ.

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