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Sleeping mask

How to Sleep Better

By Jan Lawrence | 27 August 2012

Achieving good quality sleep is just a dream for many in the current 24/7 culture, this article provides some useful tips on how to get to sleep and to sleep better.

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Park Your Thoughts

By Jan Lawrence | 12 November 2009

Do you ever have problems getting off to sleep, or do you ever get up for the loo and have difficulty getting back to sleep again?  An effective technique that may help is to ‘park’ your unfinished business before you go to bed.   To do this simply take a piece of paper and write down…

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Big Sleep

Improve Your Sleep

By Jan Lawrence | 11 November 2009

If you haven’t done it already, become aware of your energy levels and performance on days after a bad night’s sleep. Good quality sleep is, essential for maximising your energy and performing at your best both of which help in combating stress. More than a third of all adults in the UK have sleeping problems.…

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